100 Piece Granny Sqaure Baby Blanket

Vanessa "Nikita" Milare


I bought a lot of baby soft yarn to make 4 baby blankets for my 2 niece's soon to be son's. I am now using all the left overs to make baby blankets for me for a keep stake. With this one I now have 2 & working on am other one. I want to make more in girl colors next.

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20 Min


5 lb white baby soft yarn
5 lb pale blue baby soft yarn
5 lb funny print "green" baby soft yarn
h crochet hook
large sewing neddle

How to Make 100 Piece Granny Sqaure Baby Blanket


  • 1Frist make a chain of 4. Then join the loop. You now have a O. Now your gonna make 4 sets of 3 stitchs. Then chain up 3. Now you double crochet to times right next the chain up. Then chain 1 time. Then double crochet 3 times until you have 16 stitiches. Then make a finish stitch & cut the yarn.
  • 2Next tie off the next color to the flower like. Grab a loop & chain up 3 times. Then double crochet 2 times. Make 1 chain & double 3 times & chain 2 times & double crochet 3 more times in the same space of each space in to 16 stitches from the round you just did. Keep doing that until you make 4 sets of 8 stitiches. Use a finish stitch & cut the yarn.
  • 3Next tie of the next color & chain up 3 times. do the same thing. Stitch a double 3 times, then chain 2 & then double sitich 3 times. Make 1 chain. Then double crcohet 3 times & make 1 chain. Go around until you have four 3 double sitiches with four sets of 3 double sitiches.
  • 4Then reppeat with the last color. You should now have 4 rows. The last row. You should have foue sets of 3 double stitches a chain 2, with 1 chain & two spaces of 3 double sitiches.
  • 5Then place each finish sqaure front to front. Thread the large needle with the last color yarn. Then sew right along the tip of both sqaures. Keep going until you sew each on all together until the blanket forms.
  • 6Note: Each corner of each row with have 3 double crochet stitch then a chain 2 & then 3 more double crochet sitich.

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