In Memory Of Crystal Meraw

Stormy Stewart


Crystal was bought from an adopt a pet at a local store in Michigan. She was an abandoned kitty from the streets. When we got her she was full of tape worms. She grew up with my daughter.

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street kitty meets a good home


1Crystal was an adult kitty when we met her. She was not friendly at all. she hid in Terra's room for 3 months coming out only to eat or potty.
2Soon she learned didn't want to harm her so she took possession of the house and answered to no one. She would paw Terra as she did her homework. And only come out for KFC Chicken.
3We got her in 1995 and she died when eukanuba sent out tainted Cat food. We lost both her and Butthead with in weeks of each other
4She would never go outside. she trembled if you took her outside. We think she was afraid of loosing her home, if she went out.

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