In Memory Of Bella

Stormy Stewart


Bella was only on this earth 6 months but she left a mark that will last a lifetime

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loved fur baby
unforseen accidents


1She was a beautiful syberian husky with blue eyes. Only 6 months old. My Daughter bought her from a breeder with the thought of her having babies with Demon. My daughter huge Syberian husky. She was very feminine almost feline in her movements. A pleasure to watch as well as love on.
2My daughters 6 month old puppy in Valentines day 2011. She is contained in an underground fence with access to the house through a doggy door. While they were gone she must of raided the trash and got a Doretto medal chip bag caught on her head. They figured she paniced when she couldn't Breath and went into the underground fence. They found her dead on the fence line.
3Her life had been a time of freak accidents. The second one cost her her life. This is Bella peeking out of the doggy door with a cone on her head after the first accident
4Her first was when she got her collar off and headed for the street. It only took a minute, she was hit by a blazer and a semi. one right after the other. Breaking her leg and cutting her paw pad onher rear foot. Lots of money some surgery later she was on the mend. 5 weeks later she died of another freak accident
5She will be missed most by my daughter Terra and her soon to be hubby Jon
6This is Demon the Dog she was going to be mated to

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