zig zag baby afghan

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I am making 4 baby afghans in this stitch. the only one I know. I have also made large afghans this same way. None are done.

the green, yellow and white is a very large hook and 10 stitches in between. "K"

The pink is the next sized smaller hook and I think was 12 stitches.

the multi colored is 7 stitches and the same size as the pink. I think "J'


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How to Make zig zag baby afghan


  1. it is easy you just do 2 stitches like usual then skip 1 stitch,
  2. do 8 (For baby) 12 (adult) stitches like usual with 3 stitches in next hole. then 8-12 again and drop 2 stitches. repeat from the 8-12 again
  3. end with drop a stitch and then do two stitches.
  4. Kay's Free and Easy Chevron (Zig Zag) Crochet Afghan Pattern:

    You'll need: size K crochet hook (or size needed for gauge) and yarn. (I'll talk more about the yarn in the variations section.)

    Gauge: 3 single crochet (sc) = 1 inch

    Dimensions: 56" wide and as long as you want it to be. (Dimensions can be adjusted. Please see the variations section.)


    With blue, chain (ch) 243 .

    1. Single crochet (sc) in second ch from the hook. *sc in each of the next 14 ch, 3 sc in next ch, sc in next 14 ch, skip 1 ch*. Repeat instructions in the asterisks until you get to the end of the row. Sc in last ch. Sc 1 and turn.

    2. Working in the loop that's furthest away from you, sc in first sc skip 1, *sc in in the next 14 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 14 sc, skip 2 sc*. Repeat the instructions in the asterisks until you get to the end of the row. After the last 14 sc, skip 1, sc in the last sc. Sc 1 and turn.

    3. Work 6 rows of blue, 2 rows of white, etc until desired length. Fasten off all ends.


    "*Sc in each of the next 14 ch, 3 sc in next ch" The 3 sc in one loop is what makes the 'peak' of the ripple. " Sc in the next 14 sc, skip 2 sc" Skipping 2 sc is what makes the 'valley' of the ripple.

    The first couple of rows are the hardest so make sure that your project isn't twisting around. Once you get to about the fourth row it should be easy to follow the pattern you've made.

    "Turn" means turn the whole thing around, so that your always working from right to left.

    If your having a hard time getting the right number in the beginning chain, err on the side of excess. Finish your row on a 'valley" and cut the excess off while leaving enough yarn to tie securely.
  5. Variations:

    Yarn: The are are few reasons why I can't give you specifics on the yarn. First, it doesn't have to be blue and white. Feel free to choose your (or the recipient's) favorite colors. Secondly, it doesn't have to be 6 rows of the primary color and 2 rows of the accent color. You can alternate 6 rows of one color and 6 rows of another color. (For all that matters, you can use multiple colors in varying numbers of rows.) And third, I'm not sure if anyone wants to make an afghan as long as mine, so stop when you think it's long enough. I would recommend buying yarn as you need it, so that you don't end up with a lot of leftover skeins.

    Note: I used Caron's Simply Soft Dark Country Blue (9711) and Off-white (9702) for the one in the picture. I highly recommend this yarn as it truly is very soft. (The best price is $2.07 a skein at Wal-Mart. It beats using a coupon at a craft store.)

    Dimensions, Width: When you're working in a gauge of 3 sc= 1 inch, it's 7 inches from peak to peak or valley to valley. (Before it gets stretched out, and it will stretch a bit over time.) Please note that the width of the afghan can only be a multiple of seven. To make a wider afghan, add 30 stitches for each additional 7 inches. (Add 60 stitches for an additional 14 inches, etc.)

    Another way to approach this: if you wanted an afghan that's 70 inches wide, start with a chain of 303. (70 divided by 7 is 10, so 10 is your number. Here the seven represents 30 stitches, so multiply 30 times your number, which is 10. 30 times 10 equals 300. Add 3 because of two skips and an extra sc in row 1. Your beginning chain should be 301)

    Or use the don't-worry-about-it method I mentioned before: If your having a hard time getting the right number in the beginning chain, err on the side of excess. Finish your row on a 'valley" and cut the excess off while leaving enough yarn to tie securely.
  6. Dimensions, Length: You can make this any length you want it, from lapghan to super long- just keep crocheting until you get there! (I measure by throwing it over my husband while he's lying down.) If you use the 6 blue and 2 of-white pattern, end after 6 blue. If you're using all 6's, it doesn't matter which color you end on, as long as you've crocheted 6 rows of that color.

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