Uses for Olive Oil

Uses For Olive Oil

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olive oil isn't just for cooking


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How to Make Uses for Olive Oil


  1. Fix a Squeaky Door: Forget going out and purchasing WD-40. Dab a little olive oil in your squeaky door hinge and, voila, the squeak is gone!
  2. Hair Treatment: Sure, you could buy a fancy commercially-prepared hot oil treatment for your hair – or you could just grab the bottle of olive oil that’s already sitting on a shelf in your kitchen. Apply a few tablespoons of warmed olive oil to damp hair, massage into the scalp and rub through the ends, then leave it on for thirty minutes to an hour. The oil will clean and condition the scalp, soften the hair and help the cuticles lay down flat for a sleek look.
  3. Lice Treatment: Olive oil has long been a preferred natural treatment to eliminate dreaded head lice. It reportedly helps to dissolve the exoskeleton of these little parasites, and smother the ones that are resistant. Pour it on to dry hair liberally, comb out any visible lice with a nit comb and then leave it on under a shower cap for up to 8 hours. Follow by coating the hair in apple cider vinegar; leave it on overnight, shampoo as usual and then comb out any remaining eggs.
  4. Floor Polish: Mix 3/4 part lemon and 1/4 part vinegar to the 1 part olive oil for a wood polish. Wipe your floor with the mixture and it will shine like never before!
  5. Eye Make-up Removal: Even the heaviest, drag-show-worthy makeup job can’t stand up to the removal power of olive oil. Dab a little on a cotton pad and your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara – including waterproof formulas – will wipe right off.
  6. Shaving Cream: Run out of shaving cream? This oil can provide a safe and natural lubricant that will ensure a close shave.
  7. Lamp: Purchase specially made olive oil lamps, or simply pour it into a glass mason jar and poke a hole in the lid. Add a wick and you have yourself a DIY oil lamp!
  8. Remove Stickers: Rub olive oil onto a sticker or label and let it sit for a few minutes. Grab an edge and the sticker will peel right off. No scraping needed, and best of all, no sticky residue left behind
  9. Remove Paint: After certain art projects, paint becomes stubborn if left on skin for too long. Use some olive oil and the paint will come right off.
  10. Fix Stuck Zipper: Apply olive oil to a cotton swab and gently apply to the teeth of your stuck zipper. Then slowly pull the tab down the zipper.
  11. Shine Stainless Steel and Brass: Dab some olive oil on a clean rag to make your brass and stainless steel shine. It also will prevent streaks, corrosion, and tarnish.
  12. Cat Care: Place a teaspoon of olive oil in your cat’s food. It will help stop hairballs and promote a shiny, healthy coat of fur.
  13. Furniture Polish: Olive oil will help you remove dust on furniture, all while giving it a shine. Place in a teaspoon lemon juice and it creates a non-toxic and petroleum-free polish that will also gently clean wood surfaces
  14. Skin Moisturizer: You might think using olive oil as a moisturizer would leave you with oily skin, but that’s not the case. Used in small amounts, it seeps in completely, eliminating dryness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles without clogging pores.
  15. Bath Oil: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil and you’ve got a custom bath oil that will gently scent and moisturize your skin.
  16. Hairball Prevention: Nobody likes the sound of a cat loudly hacking up a hairball, especially since it always seems to happen when you’re trying to eat or sleep. Help it pass through your cat’s system more easily by adding 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil to his or her food each day.
  17. Chewing Gum Remover: Whether your child comes home from school with a mass of sticky pink bubble gum in her hair or you find yourself the victim of a wayward wad, you don’t have to resort to any crazy tricks or – gasp – scissors to get it out. Apply olive oil to the gum and the surrounding hair, leave it on for five to ten minutes and then pull the gum out.
  18. Psoriasis and diaper rash treatment: Olive oil soothes itchy, burning, irritated skin and may help rashes heal. Apply it to a baby’s diaper rash or directly to any eruptions on your own skin for quick relief. Consuming olive oil on a regular basis may also be helpful in the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis.
  19. Throat Soother: Got a big singing performance or speech coming up? Swallow a tablespoon of olive oil just before you step on stage and you won’t have to clear your throat nearly as often. This trick also works to soothe itchy throats and lubricate the back of the mouth and tonsil area, which may lessen snoring.
  20. Ear Ache Relief: A little warm olive oil is a fast, effective means of relieving painful ear aches. Just place the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes, then pour a few drops into the affected ear. To cure ear infections, infuse the olive oil with a crushed clove of garlic, strain the garlic out and drip into the ear.

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