The Well Stocked Pantry List

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With a well stocked pantry you can quickly prepare a meal. Start with the basics and build on that. I store my dried herbs, spices and staples in Mason Jars. Mason Jars are relatively cheap and I can see what is in the jar. I label each jar with the date I placed the item in the jar. I buy in small amounts so things stay fresher.

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-pantry items


-chicken broth
-beef broth
-clam juice
-hoisin sauce
-maple syrup
-mustard (regular & Dijon)
-peanut butter
-pickles (sweet, dill & relish)
-sliced pimientos
-soy sauce
-Teriyaki sauce
-Worcestershire sauce

-extra-virgin olive oil
vegetable/canola oil
-walnut oil

Milks" :-evaporated milk
-powdered buttermilk
-powdered milk
-sweetened condensed milk

Canned Goods:
-black, kidney & white kidney beans
-canned fruits
-canned vegetables (Veg-All is great)
-cream of celery, chicken & mushroom soup
-green chiles
-kidney beans
-olives (green & black)
-pork & beans
-tuna fish

-coffee (regular, decaf, expresso)
-tea (various types)

-almond extract
-pure vanilla extract
-vanilla beans

Liquors: (use what you would drink!)
-marsala wine
-port wine
-red wine
-white wine

Gourmet Items:
-artichoke hearts
-curry paste
-dried mushrooms
-olive paste
-roasted peppers
-shrimp & crab boil
-smoked oysters
-white truffle oil

Fresh Produce:
-fresh herbs (various=parsley, cilantro, basil)
-lemons & limes (a must for juice)
-garlic bulbs
-onions (red & white)
-potatoes (red, Yukon gold, russet)

Refrigerator or Freezer Staples:
-butter (salted & unsalted)
-cream (heavy or whipping)
-parmesan cheese (not grated but a chunk)
-sour cream
-various cheeses
-various nuts
-all-purpose flour
-unbleached flour or bread flour (for bread making)
-granulated sugar
-powdered sugar
-brown sugar (light & dark)
-baking powder
-baking soda
-yeast (regular or instant)
-vegetable shortening
-chocolate (semi-sweet, bitter-sweet,
& Dutch process cocoa)

Dried Goods:
-dried beans (various types)
-dried fruits

-Arborio rice
-brown rice
-white rice
-wild rice

Tomatoes: (canned)
-chopped tomatoes
-sundried tomatoes
-tomato sauce
-tomato paste
-whole tomatoes

-apple cider vinegar
-balsamic vinegar
-red wine vinegar
-raspberry vinegar
-rice vinegar
-white wine vinegar

Dried Pasta:
-angel hair
-egg noodles

Dried Herbs:
-anise seeds
-basil leaves
-bay leaves
-caraway seeds
-cayenne pepper
-chili powder
-cumin (ground & seeds)
-curry powder
-fennel seeds
-Herbes de Provence
-dried mustard
-Italian seasoning
-season salt
-red pepprs
-peppercorns (black & white)
-poppy seeds
-salt (regular & coarse)
-sesame seeds
-Tabasco or hot sauce

-cinnamon (ground & whole sticks)
-cloves (ground & whole)
-ground allspice
-ground cardamon
-ground ginger
-ground mace
-ground nutmeg

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