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Here are 5 spreads to try your hand at seeing the future.


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How to Make DIVINING WITH PLAYING CARDS ~the spreads



    Some spreads require a significator ; a card to represent either the person for who the reading is being done or the matter under consideration. So the first thing to decide is which suit accords best with the characteristics of the enquirer or the nature of the particular enquiry. Once you have decided on the appropriate suit, choose the relevant court card for the age and sex of the enquirer , a King for a mature man, a Queen for a mature woman, a Jack for a young person of either sex. Or, if selecting an impersonal card, use the Ace of the designated suit.

    Also known as the Wheel of the Year. 13 cards are selected, the first 12 are laid out in order like a clock face, beginning at the 1 o'clock position and
    moving clockwise. The 13th is place in the centre of the circle. This card is interpreted first because it signifies the overall flavour of the coming 12 months. The other 12 cards, each representing on calendar month, are then read
    in clockwise sequence. The first card dealt, in the 1 o'clock position, relates to the month in which the reading is taking place, and is indicative of the overriding influence in the enquirer's life at that time. Card 2 represents the following month, and Card 3 the following etc.

    The bohemian spread is a very simple layout, consisting of 7 cards, and is ideal for answering a specific query but is less suitable for a general reading. After shuffling and cutting in the usual way, the first 7 cards are laid out in an open pyramid or inverted "V", from left to right. They are then interpreted according to the positions in which they fall, as follows:
  4. 1. The enquirer's home environment and domestic issues, household goods,
    renovations and removals.
  5. 2. Current influences, factors that related directly to present circumstances,
    such as hopes or worries.
  6. 3. Relationships of all kinds, love, friendship, business or romantic
    partnerships, rivals or enemies.
  7. 4. The enquirer's wishes in the matter under consideration, what he or she hopes
    or wants to achieve.
  8. 5. Unexpected assistance or obstacles that are likely to help or hinder the aim
    signified by the preceding card.
  9. 6. Those events that are likely to affect the enquirer's immediate future, both
    the possibilities and probabilities.
  10. 7. Any helpful influences or fortunate circumstances that the enquirer can use
    to advantage, lucky opportunities.
  11. ~~~MYSTIC CROSS~~~~

    A significator is required for this spread, and this card should be taken from the pack and looked at before the remaining cards are shuffled and cut. 12 cards should then be selected and laid face down in a pile on the table. Once this is done, the enquirer is asked to place the significator anywhere he or she likes among the other 12 cards chosen, and the interpreter then lays out all 13
    in 2 rows, one vertical and one horizontal, to form an equal armed cross. The vertical row is read from top to bottom and refers to the enquirer's present
    situation, the horizontal row is read from left to right, relates to influences affecting current events. If the significator falls in the vertical row, it indicates that the enquirer is in the grip of circumstances beyond his or her control, but if it falls in the horizontal row, he or she has the matter in hand. The fourth card laid, at the centre of the cross, represents the factor around which the entire situation revolves. This card will, therefore, provide the key to the matter.
  12. ~~~THE MAGIC SQUARE~~~~

    For this spread, the questioner should start by selecting a significator from the pack. Place this card on the table, then shuffle and cut cards. Deal 8 cards around the centre card in order clockwise, then deal a 9th card over the significator card which is centre. The cards are interpreted according to their position as follows.
  13. 1. The Individual - the state of mind of the questioner.
  14. 2. External influences and unexpected factors.
  15. 3. Surroundings - friends, family, colleagues and home.
  16. 5. Alternatives - possible opportunities and challenges.
  17. 6. Aspirations and beliefs.
  18. 7. Negative factors - those which limit or oppose the questioner.
  19. 8. Positive factors - constructive or helpful influences.
  20. 9. Potential - initiative and natural abilities.
  21. The rows of cards should be interpreted both horizontally and vertically.
  22. Horizontally - the top row shows the prevailing atmospheere, the middle section conveys the basis of the issue, and the bottom row indicates future
  23. Vertically - the first column expresses three aspects of the questioner's character, the centre column denotes important factors which must be considered before any decisions are made, and the final column indicates the opportunities which are possible if the correct decision is made.
  24. The most important card is the one covering the significator. This relates to every other card and indicates the questioner's potential in relation to the message conveyed by the spread as a whole. Do not forget to take account of the significator when interpreting the card's meaning..
  25. ~~~THE ROMANY SPREAD~~~~

    This simple and popular spread relies on the interpreter's ability to blend the meanings of cards within the same row to convert a single message, It is best used when the questioner has a specific question. After shuffling and cutting,
    the questioner deals 21 cards in three rows of seven running from left to right. Read the rows separately, but with a single theme at the back of your mind.
  26. The top row - refers to past influences and recent events that have contributed to the present situation.
  27. The middle row - reflects current circumstances, hopes and fears regarding the issue in question.
  28. The bottom row - denotes the likely outcome

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