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Card reading or cartomancy as it is known, has been a popular pastime for centuries. Most people associate this practice with Tarot cards, yet ordinary
playing cards can be used just as easily.

All forms of card reading are based on symbolism, the cards are used to represent archetypes, actual people, events or various aspects of life.

A full deck of playing cards consists of 52 cards, and there are the same number of weeks in a year.

The pack is divided into four suits, just as there are four seasons, four quarters and four elements.

The suits are of two colors, red or black, reflecting the essential duality of life itself, male and female, light and dark, positive and negative etc.


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How to Make DIVINING WITH PLAYING CARDS ~part 1 of 3


  1. The Club Suite

    Clubs represent people with rich brown or red hair, a high color and brown or
    hazel eyes. An active, energetic personality. Enterprise and fresh activity.
  2. Ace - An unexpected gift, financial windfall or good news concerning money.
  3. Two - Long term plans could meet with opposition or delay as a result of another's interference. Beware of idle chat or malicious gossip.
  4. Three - Successful marriage, remarriage or a declaration of intent is possible for those who have experienced a long term relationship.
  5. Four - Fortunes could take a turn for the worse due to another's deceit or treachery, so do not take everything on trust. Keep plans flexible.
  6. Five - A time of change for the better, with the accent on partnership. Business ventures will be financially rewarding, the prospects are equally rosy for marriage plans.
  7. Seven - A small gift or money gain, perhaps a debt will be repaid. A new friendship may bring much pleasure. Seek legal advice if signing a contract.
  8. Eight - A time of uncertainty when minor problems could be blown out of all proportion. Avoid get rich quick schemes.
  9. Nine - This card warns against obstinacy, as friction could arise if you ignore the wishes of others. However, there is a possibility of monetary or other gain due to an unforeseen business offer or marriage proposal.
  10. Ten - Sudden financial gain, perhaps through a legacy, insurance payment or tax rebate. Travel, probably abroad, could prove surprisingly profitable and may lead to a romantic encounter.
  11. Jack - A clever, enterprising young person who is well disposed towards the questioner. In the case of a female enquirer, probably an admirer or lover, or a good, reliable friend of a male enquirer.
  12. Queen - A warm hearted, charming, quick witted and trustworthy woman of middle years, perhaps the wife of a male questioner or a close friend of a female in either case, she is very supportive and wise.
  13. King - A mature professional man, honest and straightforward in his dealings who can be of great assistance. Probably a relative of a female enquirer or a colleague.
  14. The Diamond Suite

    Diamonds represent very pale people with fair or white hair and light blue or grey eyes. Assured, sophisticated types. Money and material possessions,
    business, status and security.
  15. Ace - A long awaited letter or important document will arrive shortly, bringing welcome news. A financial offer or marriage proposal could be made.
  16. Two - A love affair or close friendship should be developing steadily even if attracting the disapproval of others. Business matters should be showing progress.
  17. Three - Partnerships com under scrutiny and tact may be required if disputes are to be avoided. Litigation is possible, though the outcome could be beneficial. The outlook is promising if cooperation can be maintained.
  18. Four - Do not allow harsh words or rash actions to mar a relationship. Despite petty squabbles, matters can be resolved with patience and understanding, perhaps an old friend could help reconcile differences.
  19. Five - News of a birth in the family or a child's achievement will bring much joy. A small financial loss could be offset by an exciting business
    opportunity, new ventures are especially favoured.
  20. Six - Marital difficulties are a probability and in some instances could lead to divorce or separation. Alternatively, there may be reconciliation.
  21. Seven - There may be minor problems or disputes at work or home due to unkind gossip, petty jealousy or misunderstandings. yet such upsets are likely to be short lived and surprise news will lift everyone's spirits.
  22. Eight - Romance and travel seem to be linked in some way, especially for the very young or elderly. Fluctuations of fortune are indicated, either a small financial loss or a windfall or lucky gamble.
  23. Nine - A business deal or fresh undertaking bodes well, as does a change of residence or occupation. For those with initiative, opportunities abound for
    romance, increasing income or enjoying a super social round.
  24. Jack - A personable young friend or relative of the enquirer, probably male, who brings news. This may be unwelcome if the enquirer is female, thought not
    disastrous. Alternatively, a warning to guard against dishonesty.
  25. Queen - This card represents a woman who may pose a threat to a female questioner's love life or who could interfere in a male enquirer's business
    affairs. In either case, this lady needs careful handling, so tact is advised.
  26. King - An ambitious and influential man who has it in his power to help or
    hinder the enquirer's interests. Any proposition should therefore be considered
    very thoroughly.

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