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aquiring energy or personal power

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Stormy Stewart
Mio, MI

You need energy - power to do spell work. This power is stored within your body before you start a spell. So you must be full of power at the time of the spell. Then you recharge again after the spell to raise your own personal energy level. Spell work both requires and takes massive amounts of energy. This can be done in many ways. test them all and see what works best for you.

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Ingredients For aquiring energy or personal power

  • repeat over and over

How To Make aquiring energy or personal power

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    (My person favorite to unclog your energy field and recharge your energy) Take your Right hand and place it at the back of your neck (wrapped around your neck in a good connection) Now take your left hand and place it palm inward at the base of your tailbone.(make a good contact.) Now envision your energy going through your right hand down your spine and up through your left arm to your shoulder then to the right shoulder and into your right arm up to the hand, out that to the spine and down again through the spine. This will make a figure 8 (sort of off sided) Repeat this for 5-15 minutes. Always invisioning the figure eight and feel the energy travel through the bones. You will feel happier and more energy. As you unclog you will feel it go faster and faster through the figure Eight. NOTE: do not reverse the hands as it will short circuit your electrical energy and drain you making you feel angry and uneasy.
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    Now that your energy is flowing correctly without clogs you can try these ways to increase your energy for spell work.
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    For some it is as easy as eating a meal rich in red meat with red wine. It takes about 3 hours to do it that way
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    If you are a vegetarian you may prefer to get your energy from a tree. You do this by standing near a large tree with smooth bark. Stand on the western side with your body in a star position facing the tree. Ask for permission to recieve energy, then lean your head against the trunk of the tree still in the position of a star. (arms out straight from your shoulders and legs apart leaning in with your head touching the tree ~ like a pentagram) Stand there at least 5 minutes sending love to the tree. REMEMBER energy from plants want unconditional love in return.
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    You can get the same from buying or building a pyramid and sitting under it. Pyramids harness power from the universe through the top from the universe and sends it downward towards the earth. This is why they were built.
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    Sexual encounters with or without an orgasm will give you an immediate charge. Various tantric techniques, such as in Kundalini yoga, enhance the charge resulting from the encounter.
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    You can breath in cosmic energy by standing in the star position, head tilted slightly back, right palm up left palm down. After a moment or two you will feel one palm growing warm and the other growing cool. Now visualize the cosmic light as a blue-white light starting at your head and growing though out every cell in your body from the top to the bottom. You need to visualize it all the way down. (remember Visualizing is alway key.)If you have done it right at your stomach you will feel an unsettled feel in your stomach. At your sexual organs you will feel a tingle or vibrational feeling. This feeling will disperse once you send the energy to it's intended target. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to do this properly and charge. A chairvoyant would see you glowing in the dark, and a kirlain photograph would show trenendous streams of light/energy flowing from your right hand.
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    The Indians use a method to gather energy from the earth. This is done by sitting on the ground legs folded, body straight and arms at your side or folded in your lap. Do this only in a green lush area. A stream is always nice to for added energy glow. Now imagine a golden cord running from your root charkra now send it down into the earth at least 20-50 feet or more. Now tap into the energy and bring it up through the cord and into your body. Start filling you from the top working down and spread it out into your limbs. Continue until you feel your energy raise and you feel full of energy. It will take 15 or more minutes. Now stop the energy from coming up by visualizing a plug or cap on the cord. Now retract it back through the ground and into your body once more. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget to retract the cord. If you do not you will remain connected until you either pull it out or it stretches so far it breaks or someone walks between you and that site and it severs the cord. Either way, you will then bleed or leak energy from your body. It is like having a deep bleeding wound, it must be repaired or you will bleed out loosing energy. Understand you will not die from such a wound because your body will set to work repairing it as best it can, but you will continue to leak energy until it is repaired. So you will continually feel tired or drained as the energy strickles slowly out the tiny holes that your body couldn't repair. Your body will not concieve it as a threat so you will have to go in and repair it yourself. (another lesson)
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    You can also do the above number 8 in another manner at night to recharge. This is great for after a late night or ritual or spell work. Laying on the bed you will visualize a golden cord running from your navel and send it down through the house into the ground about 20 feet or more. I go 100 that way it isn't stactic energy but earths energy. Then visualize recieving energy all night. Then go to sleep. Remember that before you move and walk away you must retract that cord once more into your body. Remember what was said in # 8 about severing the cord.
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    You can also aquire energy from plants and bushes by approaching a plant that looks especially green to you. (aligning energys, that plant will be more reseptive to you) Then ask it if you can sit and admire it. Sit crossed legged and hands in your lap. Now feel it's beauty. Concentrate on how much you love that plant, its look, feel, its energy. Do not touch it but bask in its appreciation of your thoughts. Monks obtain power from this action. It require unconditional love and respect for the plant. If done right you will both recieve energy. By sending forth energy you will recieve back energy from the plant. You will both prosper from this action.

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