Wipe Out Alien Goo

Sasha Kamen


Nothing’s worse than having a photo of your best recipe come out looking like a mess of alien goo. Don’t have your food look like alien goo. Here are a few tips for taking pictures of food.

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1Don’t use flash. Disable the flash on your camera or phone, or cover it with a piece of black electrical tape.

Diffused natural light is best for photographing food. You can create your own natural light inexpensively with a rice paper lamp from IKEA (under $10) and a daylight balanced bulb from Home Depot (around $10). You now have a portable light source that’s diffused and daylight balanced, and your photos won’t wind up with a weird green or orange cast.

Direct sunlight is almost always too harsh. An overcast day is perfect for taking pictures outside. Inside you can diffuse direct sunlight coming in through your window with a white curtain or even a piece of waxed paper or parchment.

Pay attention to what you’re wearing. The light will bounce off of you onto your food. A red shirt will give your photo a pink tint, purple a lavender one, and so on. Change into a white shirt, or tuck a white tea towel into your collar.

And finally, avoid standing between your light source and the dish you want to photograph, or you'll also get a nice image of your own shadow!

Follow these tips and you’ll have great pictures to go along with your recipes.

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