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cooking with alcohol (sallye)

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sallye bates
Austin, TX

This is a complementary "recipe" to my earlier Cooking with Wine. Lots of good information here.

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    BEER - can be substituted on a one to one ratio for any liquid in a recipe. The most versatile beer to use for just about any dish is a pale lager. Other beers include scottish lagers, light and dark ale chosen to your individual tastes. A delicious strong flavored marinade for any meat dish can made by mixing soy sauce and full bodied lagers or ales. Pale lager is best used for thinning a batter, lighter ales mixed with water is recommended for steaming mussels or other seafood. Sushi chefs swear by Kirin Ichiban lager for making sushi. Scottish ales can be substituted for chicken or beef stock in any dish. Open beer and allow it to remain open at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before adding to any recipe. BRANDY - one of the most versatile spirits; can be used in many different dishes. Excellent addition to soups, shellfish dishes, beef, lamb, peaches, pears, and puddings. GIN - Overpowering flavor for most dishes. Best used on game dishes to mask the gamey flavor. Can also be used sparingly in tomato soups or sauces, or sauerkraut. LIQUEURS - Since liqueurs are sweet, they are best used over desserts and especially fruit salads. A small amount of flavored liqueur adds an exotic taste to ice creams. Grand Marnier goes well with any dish that has oranges included. Benedictine is great on sponge cake. RUM - An excellent addition to sweet dishes, such as rum cakes, fuitcakes, Bananas Foster, and some candies. WHISKEY - Small amounts of whiskey will bring out the flavor in many foods and specialty dishes. Can be used to replace brandy in many recipes. Great addition to shellfish or any type of meat or poultry dish. Also used in chocolate mousses, coffee sorbet, fruitcakes and specialty candies.
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    BOURBON - is finding its way into more and more of our recipes. Similar to brandy in flavor, a good well-aged bourbon can replace brandy in most recipes Bourbon is distilled from a fermented mash of grain, of which at least 51% must be corn. It is bottled between 80 and 125 proof and must be aged at least 2 years in new, charred white-oak barrels (charred to add color and possibly some flavor). Only limestone-filtered spring water may be used to lower alcohol proof. Sour mash is used in most bourbon. It is the residue from a previous mash run, allowed to sour overnight and then added to a new batch of mash, similar to the process for making starter for sourdough bread.
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    The boiling point of alcohol is 175ºF which is lower than the boiling point of water (212ºF). When added to a recipe, it will lower the boiling point until it evaporates. So if you substitute alcohol for some of the water in a recipe, you need to increase the cooking time by about 10%.
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    AMOUT OF ALCOHOL REMAINING AFTER PREPARATION: Alcohol not added to boiling food until AFTER food removed from heat will retain 86% Alcohol added to a dish and ignited will retain 75% Alcohol used in a marinade, no heat added will retain 70% Alcohol stirred into baked dish and simmered for: 15 minutes retains 40% 30 minutes retains 35% 60 minutes retains 25% 2 hours retains 10% 3 or more hours retains 0%

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