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uses for lemon juice with dogs

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Stormy Stewart
Mio, MI

Different dogs may react to lemon juice in different ways, so it is best to consult a veterinary professional before using

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Ingredients For uses for lemon juice with dogs

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    lemon or lemon juice

How To Make uses for lemon juice with dogs

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    Flea and Tick Repellent Fleas and ticks are a nuisance for dogs and their owners, but the harsh chemicals in ordinary flea and tick repellants can be potentially hazardous to your dog's health. Side effects from these medicines include skin irritation or even epileptic seizures. Lemon juice is an all natural alternative to these potentially harmful products. Mix a solution of equal parts of lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Before taking your dog outside for a walk, spray his coat with the lemon juice solution.
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    Coat Whitener Some dogs suffer from an ailment known as Chromodacryorrhea. This is a stain that forms around the eyes, feet and mouth of some dogs. The coloring is typically a reddish-brown and can be unsightly and expensive to remove with surgical procedures. A mixture of equal parts lemon juice and baking soda can be an affordable and natural solution to the stains on your dog's coat. Mix it into a paste and rub it onto your dog's coat in the problem areas. Let it sit for up to ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly from your dog's fur. Do not get into dog's eyes.
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    Bark Deterrent (not a fan of this one) There are a lot of reasons why dogs bark, and some level of barking is acceptable. However, if your dog is barking excessively at other dogs, friends or family members, this can be quite the discipline challenge to correct. There are products on the market such as shock collars, but these are not very humane or gentle. They may make a dog unnaturally anxious and only worsen his barking issue. Instead, command your dog to "Be quiet" or say "Enough." If your dog still barks, squeeze a bit of lemon juice into his mouth. Most dogs do not like the taste, so they will begin to make a negative association when their barking becomes out of control.

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