Rose Eau de Cologne

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By Stormy Stewart
from Mio, MI

That a wonderful way to tell Mom you love her. Give a gift that you make yourself. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! NOTE: With this one gift recipe you can cover both Mom's if you are married or Mom and Grandma. Plus have some left for yourself. Or make multiply smaller bottle gifts for the gals at work

serves 1 pint 5 oz.


  •   1 pt
    distilled water
  •   1 oz
  •   5
    drops rose essential oil
  •   4 oz
    rubbing alcohol
  •   5
    drops rose geranium essential oil
  •   5
    drops bergamot essential oil

How To Make

  • 1
    mix together and put into glass purfume bottles. Allow to sit one week to blend completely before using