perfect turkey

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By joeyjoan K
from Clarkston, MI

The turkey comes out perfect every time. My family loves the way I do a bird so much that we have turkey more than once a year. Juicy, tender, mouth-watering meat white and dark meat alike. Very easy to prepare because like that old infomercial you set it and forget it.

Blue Ribbon Recipe

With instructions like set it and forget it, this is my kind of holiday turkey recipe. The mayo really holds in the juices and makes one very moist turkey. Simple seasoning is all this turkey recipe needs. You'll definitely hear ooh's and ahh's when your holiday guests take their first bite.

— The Test Kitchen @kitchencrew
prep time 30 Min
method Bake

Ingredients For perfect turkey

  • 1
    turkey defrosted
  • stuffing of your choice
  • mayonnaise
  • salt, pepper

How To Make perfect turkey

  • 1
    Remove neck, gizzards, and liver. Place them in a pan with water and cook them on the stove top. (Even if you don't use them it is like turkey potpourri.)
  • 2
    Rinse the bird inside and out. Pat dry with paper towel.
  • 3
    Stuff the bird in both the head and rear.
  • 4
    Tie the legs together if you want.
  • 5
    With a spatula, spread a very thin coating of the mayonnaise all over the bird. Don't glop it on; get the heavy glops out of the leg crevices and such.
  • 6
    Salt and pepper the turkey.
  • 7
    Place the turkey in a roasting pan, the bird should fit in comfortably in the pan it shouldn't be crowded.
  • 8
    Using a piece of aluminum foil make a tent over the turkey with the front and back of the tent open for air flow.
  • 9
    Place in the oven and bake at 275 degrees. The size of the turkey determines the length of time (25 minutes per pound at 275 degrees).
  • 10
    Remove the foil for the last 1/2 hour of cooking time. Until it is time to remove the foil the bird should not be disturbed. Don't baste it and keep the oven door closed. If you're tempted to peek, look thru the glass.
  • 11
    When bird is cooked remove from the oven and let it stand for a 1/2 an hour, at least, before carving. The pan drippings make a wonderful gravy and the liquid from boiling the bird parts works well in place of water.
  • 12
    Place on the table and watch your friends and family enjoy.