Dynamite Turkey Chili and White Cornbread

Monica Keleher


I really love Chili, but my boys are not really that into it. I really had a craving for some today so I made one that is not too spicy but packed with flavor and as it was cooking I thought darn has to have a cornbread. So I made a white cornmeal cornbread, cause that's all I had in the pantry and it's so good too! Hope you like it as much as we did.

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2 pkg
ground turkey
sweet italian sausage removed from casing
1 pkg
hot italian sausage removed from casing
red pepper diced
green pepper diced
onion diced
olive oil
red pepper flakes
cans plum tomatoes 28 oz
cloves garlic, minced
lemon, juiced
1 can(s)
cannelini beans
1 can(s)
red kidney beans
2 can(s)
tomato paste 6 oz cans
1/4 c
chili powder, or to taste
1 Tbsp
ground cumin or to taste
1 Tbsp
dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp
dried basil
1 Tbsp
dried oregan
1/2 c
red wine, i used a cheap burgundy, think white would have been better .
dill, dried or fresh
kalamata pitted olives
shredded cheddar
scallions, greens only chopped on diagonal
sour cream
corn bread


1In a large pot, add olive oil and put in the diced onions, put in a pinch of salt, pepper and red pepper, cook until translucent.
2Add the diced peppers and garlic and cook for several minutes
3Add the turkey and the sausage and stir until cooked all the way through. Salt and pepper Add the tomato paste and the wine. Cook for several minutes
4Add the dried herbs, mustard, dill, and lemon juice.
5Add the tomatoes, dill, and beans. Right before you are going to serve add the olives, (The boys don't like them so I only add them into my bowl and not the entire pot)
6To serve, spoon the chili in a bowl, add parsley, cheese, sour cream and chopped scallions. Serve with a slice of cornbread. Delish

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