Real Chili Sausage Dog

Yoshiharu Sogi


This is great idea. Chili sausage ( chili stuffed in sausage casing) is good looking, great taste and no messy hands !! It is perfect for foot ball game watching !!

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1 Hr
30 Min


1 lb
ground beef
1/2 lb
hot sausage patty
1/2 tsp
1/2 c
onion, chopped
1/2 c
celery, chopped
1 1/2 tsp
garlic, chopped
1 Tbsp
vegetable oil
1 c
red kidney bean, cooked
1 c
pinto beans, cooked
2 Tbsp
chili powder
2 Tbsp
dark chili powder
2 Tbsp
2 tsp
cajun seasoning
4 oz
tomato paste
1/2 c
bread crumbs
1/2 c
mozzarella cheese, shredded
1/2 c
cheddar cheese, shredded
1 1/4 oz
hog casing, 70-75 inches long
hot dog buns
1 1/2 c
red onion, chopped
1 1/2 c
mixed cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) shredded for side

How to Make Real Chili Sausage Dog


  • 1Heat skillet on medium heat, place vegetable oil then cook garlic, onion and celery.
  • 2Transfer onto cooking sheet then cool down in refrigerator.
  • 3Prepare mixing bowl, place beef, sausage patty and salt into bowl and knead well.
  • 4Add bread crumb, knead well till sticky then add chili, dark chili, paprika, and Cajun spice. Mix well.
  • 5Add red kidney, pinto bean, tomato paste and shredded cheese, mix well again.
  • 6Install sausage stuffing into the funnel tube in pastry bag, set hog casing then fill stuff in bag.
  • 7Tie casing end then squeeze meat stuff in casing gently and fill 80-90% of full, tie another end when all stuffing is done.
  • 8Twist each 6-7 inches length; tie off with 3 inches strings. Then place on cooler or wire rack with dripping tray set bottom, let it rest in the refrigerator to dry.
  • 9Boil plenty of water in stew pot, prick 2-3 points with toothpick on sausage flatten then cook 15 minutes, cool down little and cut into each sausage piece.
  • 10Heat skillet on medium heat, cook sausage till the casing is crisp.
  • 11Toast buns with cheese on it, place sausage and put chopped onion in it and serve.

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