Pork Galantine

Malinda Coletta


I know most people wont try this but you dont know what you are missing. This is a classical french dish great for picnics, cookouts as an app or served with some cold veggies as a main. The flavors are bright and strong in a good way!

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1 lb
pig ears
1 lb
pig feet
2 lb
2 lb
pork neck bones
carrots, cut into sticks
ribs of celery cut into sticks
star anise
2 tsp
whole clove
2 tsp
whole peppercorns
10 sprig(s)
thyme fresh
capers (optional not during cooking)
pistachio nuts shelled unsalted (optional not during cooking)


1place all ingredients in a cast iron pot or large crock pot. Cover with water. Cook untill meat is falling off the bone. (if using cast iron pot cook in a slow oven 250F for about 6-8 hours)
2Remove all bones and meat from pot. Strain liquid in a fine mesh cloth.
3Place meat in one bowl, carrots and celery in another bowl, and broth in another bowl. Place in fridge for at least 8 hours or until the broth becomes a solid.
4Line a mold with cling film and layer with meat, carrots, celery. You can also add some capers and shelled pistasios for more color and flavor.
5Now onto the bowl with the broth that has now become solid. Scrape off the top layer of fat. Now place the bowl in a microwave and cook untill the solid has now become a liquid and pour over the pork in the lined mold. Place in fridge untill solid. Unmold slice and serve at room temp, on toast points, or with steamed cold veggies.

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Course/Dish: Meat Appetizers, Pork