my carolina bbq

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By Kathi Hibbs
from Kill Devil Hills, NC

It's okay to test during the building of the BBQ yummy!!!!

★★★★★ 1 Review

Ingredients For my carolina bbq

  • 6 or 7 lb
    bonless pork shoulder
  • 4 bottle
    wells sauce (or any vinegar based bbq sauce

How To Make my carolina bbq

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    I take my Bonless Pork Roast and use a long tined fork and poke holes everywhere I can...useing a Dutch oven I pour 1 bottle of Wells sauce over forked pork shoulder...cover and refriderate .....EVERY 2 hours I pull this back out and poke again and just before I go to bed I pour my 2nd bottle of Wells Sauce over the pork shoulder..REFRIDERATE overnight
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    1st thing in the mornibg I pull my shoulder out and DISGAUARD THE MARINADE....then depending on the method you choose to cook the Shoulder ( i use a Weber Kettle indirect method)Oven I bake at 300 deg. for about 4 hours or until pork falls apart...same would be for a Crock Pot...done when Pork falls apart....
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    When done I remove from cooking method and start to pull apart(use rubber gloves) so as to make nice pulled BBQ for the comes the 3rd bottle of Wells Sauce...mix well and save for your BBQ....
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    Now I make my own Cole Slaw but you can use your favorite recipe for this step: Toast your Deli style Kaiser Rolls in the oven and when toasted remove and place on platter top with Pulled BBQ and Slaw >>and sit back and wait for the ohhs an awws<< YOUR 4TH BOTTLE OF WELLS SAUCE IS FOR YOUR GUESTS JUST IN CASE THEY WOULD LIKE MORE ENJOY!!!!!!

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