Mom's Fav Roast Dinner--crockpot Recipe

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This isn't new..but it is my personal FAV as well as my family's. Here's my version:

The boys say the gravy is addictive!

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Family of 4 twice
Slow Cooker Crock Pot


roast-frozen... beef, pork or venison
2 pkg
dry onion soup mix
2 can(s)
cream of mushroom soup
touch of flour for thickening


1Place the frozen roast into the crockpot.

Do not add additional water.

Do not salt and pepper or add any additional seasonings to the meat.
2Top the roast with both pkgs.of dry onion soup mix.

Spread 1 can of soup on top of the crusted not dilute the soup.
3Cook in crockpot till meat is seperating from the bone and any connective tissue has softened or even melted into the meat.

This can be done on high or low depending on your schedule for that day...both work just fine.
4Remove the roast to a serving platter ...leaving broth inside the crockpot.

Using a wire wisk..stir in remaining can of cream of mushroom soup.

Add a little flour at a time and stir w/wire wisk till gravy thickens to desired consistancy. I use probably 1/4 cup at most but it will depend on the volumn of broth left by the roast.
5Serve with mashed potatoes and corn or green beans.

Your roast will be flavorful and juicy and will not taste like cream of mushroom soup at all.

You can do this with any type of roast and it will work beautifully. I've personally eaten & cooked pork, beef, venison & buffalo. **if using venison or buffalo, check 2-3 hours in to the cooking and add a bit of water if necessary--these meats do not have fat of their own to contribute to the broth for gravy.

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