hotdogs in tomato sauce

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By Hollywood Dreamz
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DEPRESSION DINNER: My mother made this for us kids when we were growing up in the 60's...but, from what I understand...more than was something she ate during the end the forties that probably her own mother made for her five children to help make the food budget last longer and to use up leftovers which were never wasted...Hotdogs were cheap and healthy back then (no nitrates) and the ketchup (tomato sauce is healthy for anyone)

★★★★★ 1 Review
serves 8 people...a hotdog for each person...but like me...I've gotta have at least two.
prep time 5 Min
cook time 35 Min

Ingredients For hotdogs in tomato sauce

  • One
    one package of kosher beef hotdogs (pork and chicken optional) and split lengthwise or you can be creative and corkscrew the hotdog (sounds kinky, though)...
  • Half c
    one onion diced or some like it cut in rings
  • One clove
    garlic diced and minced (optional)
  • One c
    one bottle of ketchup
  • Two Tbsp
    unsalted butter (salted optional)
  • 2 c
    leftover mashed potatoes
  • 2 c
    green beans or any other vegetable you like
  • water, cold (salted optional)

How To Make hotdogs in tomato sauce

  • 1
    In a small saucepan on the backburner....put your green beans (or any other vegetable you prefer)...add a little water to cover the bottom...cover and turn the stovetop to medium heat (check later to see the veggies are steaming and turn down to low)...and let steam....while you are cooking the rest of the meal.
  • 2
    Turn on a front stovetop to medium heat....and place your butter in a frying pan and as you are melting the butter...toss in the garlic and the onions...and fry onions and garlic up to a sweat!!!!
  • 3
    Next.....Toss in your HotDawgz....and fry up till you see that they are looking toasty and smell yummy!!!!...You know it's smelling good...cuz your family start to appear in the kitchen doorway like lemmings...Smells Good...What's For Supper?
  • 4
    Next...add your cup of Ketchup and add a teaspoon or two of water...and slowly stir and incorporate the hotdawgs with the ketchup by basting it and then covering the frying pan with a pan cover....put the flame on low for another five minutes!
  • 5
    Meanwhile on the stove top...heat up last night's mash potatoes in a saucepan...add a little bit of milk and butter(to taste) to whip them up and make them smooth and silky....cover and check on the vegetables.
  • 6
    and when everything seems that they are heated up a warm plate with the mashed potatoes...ladle some of the red delicious sweet gravy into the potatoes and add the Tasty Hotdawgs on the side with the steamed vegetables....Serve and EAT!

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