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Got this from my husband's Aunt Edie...she made it for reunions and was always a hit. I like mine hot, so often increase red pepper! These are good for a family getogether or community picnic! Good thing to keep in freezer for quick meal.
The thing I like best is that there are no casings on this sausage, so you don't get squirted w/any juices when you bite into them!

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Makes 100 sausages
1 Hr
1 Hr 30 Min


10 lb
ground pork
italian seasoned bread crumbs
large eggs
salt to taste
coarse black pepper (1/3 of 2 oz. bottle)
fennel seed (1/3 of 2 oz. bottle)
oregano (1/3 of 2 oz. bottle)
sweet basil (1/3 of 2 oz. bottle)
crushed red pepper (1/3 of 2 oz. bottle)
3 (29 oz) can(s)
tomato puree
5 large
green peppers, sliced in thin strips
4 large
onions, cut in strips/rings


1Combine meat and eggs in large bowl or roaster pan. Add enough breadcrumbs until mixture is not sticky (high humidity makes more breadcrumbs necessary). Combine all the spices in a bowl and mix well, then sprinkle over meat mixture, working to distribute evenly. Fry a patty to test seasoning before cooking the entire batch. (The sausage DOES get hotter after it is cooked & prepared with sauce!)
Roll meat into little 'logs' the size of a hotdog; place in baking pan(s) 13"x9"x2", stacking them atop each other. Cover with aluminum foil and bake in 300 F oven for about 90 min to 2 hrs. Let pan cool a little, then carefully remove sausages with tongs and place on a rack (over cookie sheet w/sides) to let excess grease drip away.
2While sausage is baking/cooling, combine puree, peppers and onions in stainless stockpot; cook til tender. You can add sausages into pot or layer in a large casserole to serve, covered with sauce. Serve on bakery-style sausage rolls. Freeze any leftover sausages in ziploc bags; put sauce in freezer-safe containers.
3Note: I made these with 5 lb of pork and used half the measures of seasonings. Yield was 36 links 6-1/2" long and 30 meatballs (tablespoon of mix per ball).

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