5BQ Barbecue Sausages

Gina Davis


Ok this is just a huge fave at my house and all the get-togethers i attend! It is always requested and a GREAT potluck because it feeds A LOT!. I was cooking to cater my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary when me and my son came up with this, I was trying to figure out how to make a bbq that I thought my dad would love and this hit that nail on the head. He started calling it 5BQ because of the 5 ingredients that are used with the sauce. The star of this show is truly the Pineapple!

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A Whole Bunch
30 Min
4 Hr
Slow Cooker Crock Pot



1 lb
breakfast sausage rolled into bite size balls
1 pkg
cocktail weiners
1 lb
italian sausage links, skin on cut into bite size slices
1 pkg
polish sausage sliced into bite size pieces
2 can(s)
drained pineapple chunks (it is best with fresh :)


1 c
beer (you can omit the beer and just heat some of the sauce just add water to it to make it thinner)
1 bottle
bbq sauce (use what you like)


1Roll breakfast sausage into bite size balls place in crockpot
2heat in small kettle the beer and pour over the breakfast sausage (this keeps the sausages from cooking together I just heat mine in the microwave in a microwave safe dish.
3cut Italian sausage into bite size slices and place on top of breakfast sausage. (I put the raw sausage first because the crock-pots cook from the bottom up and this makes sure it is done through :)
4add package of cocktail wieners
5add sliced polish sausage
6add 2 cans drained pineapple chunks
7cover with bbq sauce of your choice
8Cook on high for 2 hour stir from bottom up and reduce to med for 1 - 2 hours more. If you want to make and walk away just cook on med heat for 4 -5 hours.
9I make this for dinner often in my home and serve it with fries or mashed potatoes and a veggie side and always serve homemade ciabatta bread with it so we can have sandwiches out of the leftovers :) I will post the ciabatta recipe as well

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