Mac & cheese casserole gone wild!

Irisa Raina 9


I wasn’t going to post this recipe, but my husband said it was really good and reminded me he went back for seconds ~
This is a sweet w/ a wee bit of kick casserole which goes really well with a garden salad.
If you can’t find the salsa that I am using here “ Mexican isle in the supermarket “ just add any jarred taco sauce of your liking.
I like to use ribbed pasta instead of a traditional elbow macaroni, because the ribs in the pasta helps hold the sauce.
And the reason I put some of the “un~cheesed “ pasta on the bottom is you’ll get all the crisp and crusty goodness from it browning.

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6 ounces of rotini “ use whatever pasta you like “ i’m guessing at this amount because it was in the opened box.
8 ounces bacon cut into bite size pieces
1 medium green pepper “chopped “
½ red onion minced
1 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 & 2/3 to 2 cups milk
1 & ½ cups {about} nacho sauce “ mine was left over from my nacho recipe here on jap” enchilada da da
1 – 7 ounce can herdez salsa “ this product is more of a sauce than a salsa but it is extremely favorable
1 – 12 ounce can vernor’s ginger ale
1 cup of sweet potatoes “ i had my sweet potato tots filling “ so i used that, recipe here on jap “ sweet potato tots. you can also bake a small/medium sweet potato and add that you’ll just have to adjust the seasonings.
8 ounces extra sharp cheese grated.
tostitos chips crushed “ about 3 cups “


2In a large pot bring the ginger ale, enchilada sauce and salsa ranchera to a boil, add the pasta and boil for 5 to 6 minutes, you’ll want this undercooked “ do not drain “. Let it cool slightly and then set aside in a bowl.
3Fry the bacon, and when it is almost crisp add the green pepper and red onion, keep frying till the peppers are soft and the onion is cooked.
4Add this to the pasta mixture and stir.
5Add the sweet potato mixture and mix.
6In a pot melt the butter and add the flour, making a roux. Stir it till the flour has cooked somewhat, then add the milk and cook on a medium high heat till it thickens.
7Then add the cheese and stir till it is all melted.
8Leave out about 2 to 3 cups of the pasta before you add the cheese.
9Add the rest of the cheese mixture to the pasta.
10Spray an 8X8 pan and put the “ un~cheesed pasta “ on the bottom.
11Then put the cheese and pasta on top of the plain pasta. Top with crushed tortillas.
12Put the pan on top of a baking sheet in case of bubbling.
13Bake at 375 covered for 1 hour, after that time remove the cover and continue to cook for ½ hour longer till it is all bubbly and browned.

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