Tender Venison Loin (London Broil Style)

Dan Hammond


Cooking wildgame like venison takes some practice! And over-cooking lean meat of any game will ruin it because it has little fat and will dry out. But this recipe is simple and absolutely delicious...no one could ever guess it is anything but beef. A real crowd pleaser! I also use this recipe for moose roasts...see my photos with a delicious, rare, moose roast!

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30 Min
20 Min


1/2 c
soy sauce
4 Tbsp
6 clove
2 Tbsp
brown sugar
2 Tbsp
vegetable oil
1 tsp
ground ginger
1 tsp
1 lb
venison loin


1Thinly slice the garlic and mix all ingredients together in bowl.
2Use venison backstrap (filet) whole or you may substitue moose, sheep or even beef and you may also use any roast cut. you will note in the photo that I show one filet unsliced next to the sliced one.
3place meat in resealable plastic bag and add marinade mix. Refriderate for a minimum of 8 hours but preferably overnight, turning occasionally.
4Place meat on broiler pan and discard marinade. Insert meat thermometer.
5While this recipe uses the oven to bake the dish, you may also broil the meat in the oven (still using the meat thermometer). Or you may also use a grill...however, I have found that using an oven is the best insurance policy with cuts of wild game because the grill or broiler can quickly over-cook with uneven or too hot a temperature.
6Bake at 350 until thermometer reads 5 degrees before desired level: 130-135 for rare, 135-140 for med rare but never more than 145 degrees (for beef, 120-130 rare, 130-135 med rare, 135-140 med). Let meat rest for 5 minutes upon removal from oven...it will cook another 5 degrees while resting and juices will flow back throughout meat.
7130 degrees will produce a very nice, rare cut in venison and 145 degrees is beyond the edge of medium rare and will be at or above medium to well. Remember with this type of wild game it should always be served rare or medium rare. You must watch your thermometer closely because the meat's internal temp will escalate quickly and can get away from you. For those in the well-cooked crowd please have faith that the rare cut is delicious and letting it rest brings the juices back througout the meat. If unsure about cooking temp try it first at 130 (120 for beef)...you can always pop it back in the oven if too rare for your taste.
8After resting (don't cheat...let it rest 5 minutes), slice thin, about 1/8th inch slices and serve. Slicing thin is another secret to unlocking the flavor and texture.
9Great with a hearty red wine, salad and other veggies. Enjoy!

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Main Ingredient: Wild Game
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