Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

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By Amy Alusa
from Chico, CA

I've compared this recipe with others and I think this one is the best one...so I am posting it. I hope you'll try it and give me YOUR feedback! I want to include it in a "Make it Y'r Self" Cookbook for my family!

serves 300 loads for $10.00


  • 2 gallon bucket
  • tablespoon measuring spoon
  • measuring cup
  • glass bowl
  • 2 ice cube trays
  • 1 ( 55 oz) box of all natural super washing soda
  • 1 (76 oz) box of borax detergent booster
  • 1 two pound carton epsom salt
  • 1 bottle 100% lemon juice

How To Make

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    Grab your two gallon bucket and pour in the washing soda, detergent booster and espom salt, mix well. I used a two cup- measuring cup to measure out my dry ingredients into a glass bowl. Begin pouring in small amounts of lemon juice and stirring. You will want a smooth, but slightly clumpy consistency.
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    For every 2 cups of dry powder, I used about 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Begin filling your ice cube trays and pushing down the mixture until half way full. This will allow them to fit better in the dispenser! I sat mine on top of the microwave, and it took less than two days for them to dry. I then popped them out of the trays and placed them into my dishwasher tab box I already had from before.
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    If you find that your mixture is breaking easily, or crumbly, you haven't added enough lemon juice. I encourage you to also use lemon juice in the rinse aid section of your dishwasher to prevent spotting on dishes.
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    If you're having trouble with spotting and the lemon juice doesn't help, try vinegar in the rinse aid department of your dishwasher. If that still doesn't work (usually due to VERY HARD water) you can purchase a product to use in the final rinse, called "Lemishine" (available at Walmart).
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    You will have a lot extra to make as you need it! I placed mine in a plastic storage container. This is also great to add a small amount down the disposal, it smells wonderful!!
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    I found this recipe at: http://glamorousbride.blogspot.com/2013/02/homemade-dishwasher-tablets.html

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