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A Cajun Tradition. During Crawfish season (March - May) family and friends gather for a good seafood boil. My father passed this recipe to me and now my son is our master boiler. We have a saying in cajun country. Come on over and pass a good time, cher!

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50 lb
premium live crawfish
3` lb
little red potatoes
15 medium
corn on the cob
10 large
whole garlic
15 gal
water or more to just cover crawfish
1/2-1 jar(s)
zatarains new orlean style crab, shrimp, crawfish boil mix
lemons cut in half
whole onions slightly peeled


1Best to do this outside if you have a large boiling pot (as seen in the photo)

Fill pot half way with water and add Crab Boil mix.

Bring to a boil.
2You will need a small nylon laundry bag for the veggies, to keep them seperate as to not over cook them.

Place corn, potatoes, onions (peeled), lemon halves, whole garlic (outer layers removed, but not totally peeled) in the laundry bag (one with strings, not zipper kind). Can add your favorite sausage cut about 2 inches. We like Manda's hot sausage.
3Rinse the live crawfish in a saltwater bath, in a large ice chest, let sit for 15 minutes, drain water.
4When the water comes to a rolling boil, pour the crawfish into pot, place laundry bag of veggies as well, cover, bring to another rolling boil and shut off immediately.
5Let crawfish soak approximately 15 minutes, taste to see if spicy enough, if not soak an additional 5 minutes tasting and soaking until they are just the way you like them.
6The boiling pot should have come with a strainer. Lift the strainer from the pot and let them drain and cool.
7On a table covered with newspaper, pour crawfish in middle of table for everyone's enjoyment along with the veggies.

Or serve on individual platters.
8This technique can also be used to boil crabs or shrimp. The only thing is I don't soak them as long as the crawfish. ENJOY!!!

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