Grandma's Perfect Menudo

Marcey Duarte


My Nana (may she RIP) took so much pride in her meals and I was fortunate enough to learn many of her techniques. Time consuming But I have made some things easy. Without taking away the taste.

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2 to 3 lb
1 med clove
3 bunch
green onions
1 pkg
menudo helper ( usually found @ the everything 99 store )
1 lrg can(s)
white hominy, drained
1 to 2 pkg
fiesta menudo mix
1/2 to 1 lb
pigs feet or knuckles (optional)
salt to taste


1In a 12 quart pot fill pot half way with water and place on burner on high to a boil. When it reaches a boil lower the heat to med/high
2While water is coming to a boil cut tripe into bite size pieces. Do not cut to small. Wash tripe before placing into boiling water (make sure water sit about 3 inches above tripe). Boil for about 30 minute then rinse. Boil and rinse 2 more times. After you boil and rinse a few times. Now the gamey taste should be gone.
3Final boil place a metal colander at bottom of pan fill with water half way. Add tripe and pig feet or knuckles.
Cut green onions about 2 inches add to water
Add entire clove of garlic (Whole just remove outer skin) it will stay intact
In a steeper add menudo helper or whole
Cover and boil (med/high) for about 3 to 4 hour NEVER allow water to run low. Until tripe to becomes tender (check tripe occasionally)
4After the tripe is tender add fiesta menudo mix (add until you reach your desire taste)
Add salt to taste if desired
Add hominy
Allow to boil for another 40 minutes
Let sit for 20 minutes before eating