Bolognese Sauce

Marion Dyess


This bolognese is sauce is wonderful! I could almost eat it as soup with nothing more than bread. I have been making it w/veal for quite some time now and I find the combination of veal with the sausage is wonderful. If you cannot find cheese and parsley sausage, any sausage without fennel will do. I make this recipe for large parties and turn it into a lasagna Bolognese which I will post in another recipe. But this can be made any pasta you choose. This is a very large recipe that I use for my large family and parties- It can easily be paired down to smaller portions. Bon Appetito!

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3 qt
fresh puréed tomatoes or 2 no. 10 cans of san marzano tomatoes
6 lb
fresh ground veal
cheese n parsley sausage patties
large red onion
large sweet or vidalia onion
stalks celery
1/2 bottle
red or white wine
1 stick
1/2 c
extra virgin olive oil plus more as needed
salt & pepper
1 Tbsp
aleppo chili pepper
rind of parmagianno reggiano cheese


2 Tbsp
1 c
2 Tbsp
ap flour


1I start browning the meat and one cup of wine. Then I drain it in the colander, because I don't like all the oil and let it sit to drain all the fat. Set Aside
2Chop leeks carrots onions and celery. I really like to use a food processor when I am making such large portions
3sauté the vegetables in the stick of butter in a sauté pan.
4Add another cup of wine
5Enjoy the fragrance
6Take a large pot- add veggies and meat all together and cook on low to medium, just until it bubbles- leave cover off so it will thicken- turn to low. Add cheese rind (s)
7After it's been cooking for one hour, if you've used fresh tomato purée it may not be thick enough.
Now it's time to make the roux
8Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and sprinkle the flour while whisking at the same time. The purpose is to cook the flour. Once you have incorporated the flour and the butter it is time to add the milk very slowly and keep whisking. you will have a beautiful white sauce when you are finished that he should pour into your meat sauce and stir very well.
9Add the white sauce to your tomatoe, veal and sausage mixture. Mix well to incorporate
10Add Aleppo pepper, salt and pepper it's just one more layer of flavor
11Simmer for about one hour until thick and creamy
smile- it's gonna taste great!
12For the pasta

Boil pasta to taste:
Set aside one cup of pasta water, put a ladle of sauce, some butter and toss pasta. When it gets hot start to drizzle pasta water until your pasta is steamy - serve with cheese and garnish

For lasagne bolognese
I use bake type lasagnes noodles unless I am making fresh pasta. I put some sauce on the bottom of a baking pan and I lay down noodles. Then sauce, grated cheese, noodles and repeat til you get close to top. On top I put grated cheese, drizzle with butter and I also put some grated mozzarella- bake in a preheated oven on 375 until bubbly and cheese melts.

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