Grilled Steak & Pinot Noir Mushroom Reduction

Raven Higheagle


If you’re not a mushroom fan, this recipe may change you mind, it did mine!
Honestly can’t describe the mushrooms, except good! They were savory, with a hint of chicken flavor and a hint of cherry and a slight earthy taste. They are so good! The T-Bone Steak was cooked to perfection on the grill and topping it with the mushroom reduction sauce was a perfect match! I am honestly amazed on how good this dinner is. Yes I know it’s for Father’s Day, but hey, I’m the cook so I had to have it too!

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Serves 4
15 Min
30 Min


4 Tbsp
olive oil
4 medium
shallots, peeled, diced small
12 oz
portabella mushrooms, finely chopped
2 c
chicken stock
2 c
gallo family vineyards pinot noir
2 tsp
parsley, dried
6 oz. t-bone steaks
1 Tbsp
olive oil
1 tsp
ground pepper


1While prepping your meal, take the T-bone steaks out of refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.
2In a large frying pan add olive oil and shallots, cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
3Add the mushrooms and chicken broth.
4Cook until chicken broth is evaporated; stirring occasionally; about 10 minutes.
5Once chicken broth is evaporated, add the Pinot Noir and parsley, stirring occasionally; cook until evaporated; about 10 minutes.
6(NOTE: When I added the Pinot Noir to the mushrooms that is when I put the steak on the grill)
7To cook steak, set grill over medium heat.
8Brush olive oil all over steak and top with ground pepper.
9Place on grill and cook for 4 minutes per side for medium doneness.
10Place steak on a plate and cover with aluminum foil for 10 minutes.
11Add the Pinot Noir Mushrooms over steak.

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