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red wine sauce wednesday

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Irisa Raina 9
New Iberia, LA

I actually started to make this pasta dish on Wednesday’s, because for some reason it just seemed like the middle of the week screamed for some red gravy! Oh who am I kidding, I probably wanted some wine and thought…hmmm I’ll buy a big ol’ bottle and pretend I needed it for this dish …LOL This is a hearty sauce, and only gets better as it sits “as most soups, stews and sauces do”. This freezes beautifully, so if you’re going to make it make enough to freeze. I know this seems like a lot of onions but just like spinach or other greens the amount will be less than half.

★★★★★ 1
serves 10 to 12 easily " yields 5 quarts "
prep time 50 Min
cook time 6 Hr
method Stove Top

Ingredients For red wine sauce wednesday

  • 3 lbs. ground chuck 80/20
  • 2 & ½ large sweet white onions chopped
  • 3 & ½ quarts of your favorite red sauce “ i used my basic plain “chunky “ tomato sauce for this dish “ store bought would do as well also
  • 1 - 14.5 ounce can fire roasted tomatoes “ un-drained “
  • 1 – 10.5 ounce can campbell’s beef consommé
  • 1 tablespoon roasted garlic
  • 2 ~ 6 ounce jars “ drained “ sliced mushrooms
  • 2 cups red wine “ i use lambrusco “ use any wine you would drink.
  • 2 tablespoons red pepper flakes “ optional and to taste “
  • 1 tablespoon dry italian seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon dry basil
  • rind from parmesan/romano cheese “ if you don’t have one not to worry “
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ground pepper
  • 4 tablespoons turbinado sugar “divided 2 and 2 “
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • 1 lb. of the pasta of your choice “cooked according to the directions on the box “
  • 1 & ½ cup fresh spinach washed and chopped
  • parmesan cheese

How To Make red wine sauce wednesday

  • 1
    Chop the onions and sauté in the oil and 2 tablespoons sugar.
  • 2
    Once they are all golden and caramelized drain off as much of the oil as you can and put them in a big ol’ soup pot. Wipe the pan with a paper towel to remove any oil left in the pan.
  • 3
    >>> REMOVE THE PAN FROM THE HEAT <<< , and pour the wine in “ the one you cooked the onions in “ cook the wine very slowly on a very low flame till you have a cup or so.
  • 4
    Add the wine to the onions.
  • 5
    In the same pan brown the ground chuck, while the ground chuck is cooking smash 1 tablespoon of roasted garlic and add to the onion mixture, drain any grease from the meat and add it to the onion, wine pot.
  • 6
    Now add your homemade sauce “or jarred sauce “.
  • 7
    Add the beef consommé
  • 8
    Add the fire roasted tomatoes. And put the rind from the cheese in.
  • 9
    Add the red pepper flakes.
  • 10
    Add the Italian seasoning.
  • 11
    Add the basil.
  • 12
    Add the salt and pepper.
  • 13
  • 14
    Make sure all of this is cooled and then put the pot into the refrigerator overnight, the next day pull it out and let it come to room temperature. Add 2 more tablespoons of the sugar, mix and cook “ uncovered “ low and slow till all the flavors have come together, at least 5 -6 hours.
  • 15
    Check for seasonings adding what you think it needs.
  • 16
    When the sauce is done and you are ready to serve it, put some hot pasta on the plate.
  • 17
    Then put a handful of the sliced spinach “ still raw “ on top of the pasta.
  • 18
    And top that with the sauce and cheese.
  • 19
    Sever over the pasta of your choice with a beautiful green salad and of course some really good red wine.
  • 20
    Usually when I make this amount of red sauce, I would put it in my crock pot early in the morning and let it cook for 5 ~6 hours. But since my crock took a crapola I had to use my big ol’ soup pot.
  • 21
    If you have small children and do not want to use the red wine “although most of the alcohol “will have cooked out, add either another can of consommé, water or vegetable broth and simply adjust the other seasonings accordingly.
  • 22
    This can be “ canned “ in a pressure caner/cooker just make sure to check the time for your elevation and canning meat. Because of the meat you cannot do a traditional water bath, because it will not come to the correct temperature to make sure there is no spoilage.

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