Easy Irish Home Cured Salmon

Nancy J. Patrykus


If you like cured salmon, a little sweet but with a blander taste than the expensive store bought kind, then this quick & easy recipe is for you.
This home cured salmon is a great substitute with a similar, though individual flavor,than the expensive, luxury priced imported Irish salmon.
This highly secret recipe process takes 7 days but requires very little labor...just a couple minutes everyday.
Once you make and taste the fruits of your labor, I am sure you will say this is a winner!
I found this Irish recipe in a newspaper article years ago....................5/7/12

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5 Min


-- 4 pound trout or salmon trout, butterflied and bones and head removed.
4-1/2 tsp
salt, divided
6 Tbsp
olive oil, divided
1 Tbsp
brown sugar


1DAY 1...Place fish skin side down on a platter.
Rub flesh with 1-11/2 teaspoons of salt;cover lightly with waxed paper,plastic wrap or foil;
refrigerate for 24 hours.
2DAY 2...Drain off any liquid.
Whipe fish off with paper towels
Rub flesh with 2 tablespoons of oil.
3DAYs 3-4-5-6...Repeat alternate processes
ALSO on day 6...also rub brown sugar into fish.
4DAY 7...Hang fish in a cool,dry,airy place
for 24 hours.

To serve, cut in paper-thin slices
against the grain.
Makes 24 appetizers servings.

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