Crab Rangoon Sandwich

Monica H


Tastes like a crab rangoon! The peanuts soaked in soy act as the taste of the toasty wrap of the crab rangoon. This is a great sandwich for breakfast or lunch. For extra yumminess, top it off with some sweet n' sour sauce.

Don't be tempted to salt your crab... there's enough saltiness in the soy and in the buscuit!

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5 Min
20 Min


can fully cooked crab meat (i used reese brand - ready to eat crab meat)
1/4 c
fully cooked, chopped scallops (i used ocean fresh brand - full cooked frozen scallops))
2 Tbsp
cream cheese
green onion stalks, diced finely
1/4 c
unsalted peanuts, crushed
1 Tbsp
soy sauce


1Prepare biscuits in oven according to package.
2Meanwhile, chop scallops and crabmeat and dice green onion. Combine meat, green onion and cream cheese in bowl. Mix well to incorporate. Cover bowl and place in fridge.
3Now place peanuts in plastic sandwwich baggie, hold open end closed with one hand, and smash peanuts with the other. Don't completely annihilate them...leave some chunks.
4When you are about 7 minutes out from taking your buscuit(s) out of the oven, pour peanuts into separate bowl. Add soy sauce and stir. Let peanuts sit in soy until you are ready to put them on sandwich.
5When biscuit is done, let sit and cool for 7-8 min. Cut open, scoop out some of the inside bread (to make room for ingredients, and also so it won't all just fall apart on you). Scoop in the crab mixture, then the peanuts on top (don't pour on the soy left over in the bowl...this will be too salty).

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