The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

Kelsey "Rose" Jones


There was a small Bistro near where I worked as a nurse many years ago and this sandwich was on their menu. I fell in love with it at first bite. That was 30 years ago. Now I cook a turkey breast once a month, just so I can make this sandwich.
It is also a great recipe for Chicken leftovers as well!
Use your imagination with the fillings. The staple is the cream cheese, turkey and cranberry sauce. I use home made cranberry sauce rather than canned, but canned will work.

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10 Min


1-2 slice
turkey per sandwich
2 slice
hearty bread per sandwich
2-3 Tbsp
honey nut spreadable cream cheese per sandwich
2-3 Tbsp
cranberry sauce per sandwich
lettuce or spinach leaves
other favorite toppings such as ground walnuts, cheese or alfalfa sprouts


1Use a hearty, thick bread, croissant or bakery roll. These hold up to the amount of filling much better.
If you want a warm sandwich toast the bread. Heat the turkey and cranberry sauce in a microwave for 1 minute 30 sec.
2Spread bread with Honey Nut Cream Cheese. Layer with lettuce, turkey or chicken, cranberry sauce, and other favorite ingredients. The Bistro used ground walnuts and alfalfa sprouts. One friend has used Swiss cheese, baby spinach (instead of lettuce)and ground pecans.

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