Slap-yo-roomate good wings!

Becky Hammond


Y'all- this is TOO easy! I wanted to make wings for the super bowl so i whipped this up. BUT the grocery store didn't have any so i used small drumsticks (with skin) and they turned out great! So this recipe can be used for either wings, drumsticks, breasts, etc! i added some additional pictures! take a look

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20 Min
50 Min


chicken wings or drumsticks, with skin
rosemary, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic salt, salad supreme seasonings
olive oil


1Cover baking sheet in heavy duty foil...TRUST ME!! you dont want to me scrubbing your pan for hours
2Preheat oven to 375
3wash chicken and lay out on paper towel.
4cover both sides with olive oil (the more you do-the crispier the skin)
5give each side a good coat of salt, pepper, garlic salt, oregano, and salad perfect seasoning. DONT BE SHY! over season them..the more on there, the crispier the skin
6ontop of each chicken piece, put a good amount of basil and rosemary.
7Arrange on baking sheet so they are close but not touching. Give each another good coating of olive oil
8bake for 40-50 want to make sure you get a crisp skin without drying the meat...give them a little press if your using drumsticks...clear liquids should come out..that means they are done! one warming- almost instantly you will smell the rosemary baking...don't worry they are not burning!!
9i served mine with ranch dressing and guacamole dip. SO EASY and it looks like a gourmet chicken wing!! Be creative and use any seasonings! i did one wing coated in simple terriyaki sauce!

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