HOW TO DRESS &CLEAN POULTRY-1930 Settlement c/book

Nancy J. Patrykus


I can remember my grandma doing this. After she killed it by twisting the neck. Late 30s.
Also my Indiane mother-in-law in the early 50s.
On sundays after church
Fresh fried chicken, in lard that was rendered after the hog was butcherd. She used everything but the oinker! We had corn on the cob,fresh bisquits, milk gravy, hot bacon and vinegar dressing on garden pulled leaf lettuce! With the whole family -10-12 around the table..We were to stuffed to move! Lots of comardre and laughter.
Then came desserts...usually pies!

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40 Min
40 Min


fresh killed chicken...or occasionally a ..... turkey

How to Make HOW TO DRESS &CLEAN POULTRY-1930 Settlement c/book


  • 1Singe,by holding the chicken over a flame from gas
    OR burning paper.
    Cut off the head, turn back the skin, and cut off quite close; take out the wind pipe and crop, cutting off close to the body.
    Remove the pin feathers with the point of a knife. Reomve oil bag from the tail.
    If the organs have not been removed, make an opening under one of the legs and remove them carefully.
    The intestines, gizzard, heart and liver should all be removed together; care must be taken that the gall bladder, lying under the liver should all be removed together,carefully not to be broken.
    The lungs and thr kidneys lying in the hollows of the back bone must be carefully removed.
    Cut off tip of the heart and cut open to extract any blood.
  • 2Cut gizzard thru to the inner coat, half way around, take off the outer coat, and through the the inner bag away.
    The liver, heart and gizzard,constitute the giblets.,and are prerared in numerous ways and may be used in making gravy,and dressing for roast chicken.
  • 3Scald the feet with boiling water and pull off the skin. Place in a soup kettle with other meats for soup.
    This recipe was pinched from A Public SCHOOL SETTLEMENT
    COOKBOOK 1930 Issue.
    I am ready to hug my meat market butcher!!!
    How about you??
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