Fried or Grilled Fish with Tomatillo Sauce



This is a spicy sauce for any fried fish, it also works very well with a fried chicken breast. Just use the same frying technique as the fish. I have also used it with grilled fish and chicken but I prefer the crispy crunch of the meat with the spicy and tangy punch of the sauce. Sometimes I like to garnish it with a dab of sour cream or Mexican style Crema.

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as many fish fillets as you need to feed your group
panko bread crumbs
well beaten egg
salt, pepper
garlic powder
oil for frying


fresh tomatillos or 1 large can of canned tomatillos
1 can(s)
chicken broth
fresh jalapenos, trimmed and seeded
3 0r 4
fresh limes or a small plastic bottle of real lime juice


1dip fish fillets (or chicken) in beaten egg and roll in Panko and seasoning pressing the panko into the fillets.
2fry till crisp and brown, drain on paper towel
3While you are frying the fillets dehusk and wash then quarter the fresh tomatillos, put in a sauce pan with the chicken stock and the jalapenos
4Cook the tomatillos until they are tender (it won't take as long with canned tomatillos) and the jalapeno is soft carefully remove from heat and pour into a blender reserving half the liquid in the pan.
5Put a towel over the lid of the blender and hold firm while blending. Add more liquid as needed till you have a pourable sauce but not a thin sauce.
6Add the lime juice a tablespoon at a time and taste after each addition until it has a bit of a tang and you can taste the lime juice.
7You can serve the fish laying side by side with a trickle of Tomatillo sauce straight down the middle or you can serve it on the side and let everyone add as they like it.

About Fried or Grilled Fish with Tomatillo Sauce

Course/Dish: Chicken, Fish