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foxy's bbq fried chicken

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Recipe by
Fox Boogie
Tampa, FL

The reason I made up this recipe is because chicken is my favorite meat and I love it FRIED or BBQ'd I figured,why not combine the 2 together-so you get a lil crisp,with tasty flavor,moist and juicy, some good bbq sauce and a lot of taste. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. ( 3 : ) )s

(2 ratings)
yield 6 -8
prep time 1 Hr 20 Min
cook time 2 Hr 35 Min

Ingredients For foxy's bbq fried chicken

  • 10/12
    chicken drumsticks
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp
    basil, fresh
  • 1 Tbsp
  • 1 to 2 pinch
    paprika, sweet mild
  • 1 sm
    white onions
  • 1 sm
    clove of garlic
  • pinch
    salt and pepper
  • bottle
    your favorite bbq sauce(how much you use depends on your liking)
  • lg
    cooking skillet/cast iron skillet

How To Make foxy's bbq fried chicken

  • 1
    pre heat oven to 375---1 pack of chicken legs (10/12 pieces)-1tsp fresh chopped basil. 1 tspfresh chopped parsley.-1pinch of paprika or to your liking.-1 sm. onion minced-1 sm. clove of garlic minced (garlic and onion are optional if using bbq sauce that has some in it ) 1 container of ur fav bbq sauce( I use Sonnys) 1 Lg fry pan - paper towels to blot excess oil from chicken and a bowl--1 baking dish(I use none stick or clear dish baking). Chopping knife&Choppin Board Lawrys Season Salt 1/2 tbl spoon. Accent 1/tsp
  • 2
    wash chicken thoroughly to remove an excess fat,(cold water only) or any foreign parts, After washing pet dry with a good paper towel or clean dish rag(wash hand after each use of meat for safety. After chicken is lightly patted to remove excess water. Add chicken to baking dish-also need tongs and lightly cover with oil usin tongs to rotate chicken making sure oil is on all sides of the meat hold chicken at base and massge oil in not too much oil just enough so it can hold the seasonings( I use Olive oil but you can use a reg, cooking oil..
  • 3
    Next you need to add the seasonings to chicken, mix the dry mixes together in a small bowl and lightly season chicken peices covering all sides, Put skillet on stove turn up to med, high and pour half cup of oil to skilet and let get hot for 10-12 min dependin on ur stove temp-test old temp by drop very carefully a small amout of flour to it, if it sizzles oil is ready--when oil id hot n ready use tongs to genlty LAY chicken in skillet* CAREFUL not to get splashed or burned,,if u should get burned, immerse burn area in cold running water then ice pak when possible.
  • 4
    After all the chicken is in skillet it needs to get brown but not fully cooked, should show some carmelization..rotate chicken while frying, using tongs..chicken needs to fry approximately 10-12 depending on heat. if u poke chicken and pink comes out that ok chicken should not be fully cooked on stove the rest of the cooking is done in oven, ok now after about 7 mind add basil,garlic, and onion bt keep an eye because these items can burn easily if not attended to or if fire to hot, basil, onion and garlic only need to sautee with meat to add extra flavoring,
  • 5
    After chicken has fried for about 12-17 min, place paper towels on the bottom of a dish and use tongs to take chicken out of skillet. add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste .then meat let sit 5 min, to rest while oil drains. Get BBQ sauce ready and a bbq sauce paint brush, if u dont have a bbq sauce paint brush you csan just use a spoon, Pour half cup of bbq sauce out of container into a cup, Take a few spoons of bbq an spread at the bottom of the baking dish this helps prevent sticking or u can line the bottom with good aluminum foil for ez clean up.
  • 6
    Remove chicken from bowl and lay in baking dish in neat formation 1chicken lays strsight m next chicken lays upside down, and so forth and so on until done.
  • 7
    Now take the bbq sauce and the brush and baste each individual chicken with sauce until fully covered, turning over chicken to make surre sauce is on both sides..... baked uncovered for 20min( keep any sauce u didnt use to rebaste chicken . after 20 minutes is up add the rest of the bbq sauce,cover with foil and cook 15-20 more minutes---if chicken looks like its stickin add more bbq sauce. The foil covering needs to stay on on the final cooking stage because this is what seals in the juices. After chicken is done, remove from oven , leave foil on for 10 more min so meat can rest......after rested.....enjoy...............Best wishes Foxy

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