Chicken Mole Tamales

Maria Arkle


Being Spanish we have a tradition of making tamales. One tradition we have when we come together to make them is only ONE hand in the pot. You make them together but the one that places them in the pot is the only one that has the hand in the pot or it will not come out right. The masa will not cook. I always thought that was just an excuse for the others not to have to check on them but lol somehow it was always the case. I hope you and your family start a tradition making tamales. It will bring family together as it did with ours.

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makes 4 - 5 dozen tamales


8 c
1 - inch cubed freshly cooked chicken
6 - 8 c
mole sauce
24 c
basic fresh masa (or south american cooked masa)
48 - 60
prepared banana leaves cut into 6 by 8 inches or larger rectangles
dried corn husks, soaked, washed, drained, and torn lengthwise into 1/4 inch stripes


1Prepare the chicken, mole and masa.
2To assemble the tamales, spread 1/4 cup masa into a 3 by 5-inch rectangle on the smooth side of the banana leaf. Place 1 heaping tablespoon of chicken in the center of the masa followed by 2 tablespoons of mole. Using slightly wet hands to prevent sticking, form another 1/4 cup masa into a 3 by 5-inch rectangle and place on top of the mole.
3Fold the banana leaf around the masa to form a rectangular package and tie a strip of corn husk around the middle into a knot or a bow. Repeat for the remaining tamales. Steam the tamales for 1 hour.

About Chicken Mole Tamales

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