Stuffed Biscuit Cups

Sandy Griffith


This is my sister, Ginger's recipe. We all love it when she makes these. They are really good!

Please Note:
Here is another recipe you can play around with....fill it with things you like.

Please note Ginger's personal message at the end of the directions.....:)

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hamburger helper (follow directions on box)
1 can butter-me-not-biscuits)
shredded cheese


1Make hamburger helper (your choice) according to directions on box. Set aside.
2Take a muffin pan and turn it upside down. Spread each biscuit over the hump. Bake at 375 or until lightly browned. Do not over bake. You want them soft.
3Remove them from oven. Dump the biscuits off of humps. Turn pan back over on right side and place soft biscuits in each hole.
4Fill with Hamburger mixture.
5Top with shredded cheese.
6Put back in oven and bake till cheese melts.
7Note from Ginger:
In the summer she likes to fill them with tuna salad topped with a slice of fresh tomato. Once filled, you do not put them back in oven. Serve them with green grapes. Makes a nice summer dish!

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