Lisa's Grilled Steaks

Lisa Allen


These are the best steaks I have ever made!

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Blue Ribbon Recipe

Notes from the Test Kitchen:
In the Test Kitchen, we used rib-eyes for this recipe and, boy oh boy, they came out tasty. The marinade really adds a robust hickory flavor to the meat. A bit of the Greek seasoning (that includes salt, pepper, oregano, parsley and other goodies), is all the seasoning that the tender and delicious steak needs. Do watch for flare-ups though from the fat and the butter... all of which just add to the overall yumminess!


rib-eye or sirloin steaks; at least an inch thick
1 c
Moore's original marinade (I buy at Wal-mart)
1/2 c
melted butter
Cavender's all-purpose Greek seasoning (I buy at Wal-mart)

How to Make Lisa's Grilled Steaks


  • 1Preheat your grill to high heat.
  • 2Remove the steaks from their packaging and sprinkle them with a generous amount of the Cavender's Greek Seasoning.
  • 3Put in a container with lid or Ziploc bag and add 1 cup of Moore's marinade and melted butter. Turn to coat well and put in fridge 1 hour or overnight. Turn several times so marinade soaks in well.
  • 4Clean and lubricate your grill grates with some cooking oil on a rolled up piece of paper towel (using tongs, of course).
  • 5Place the steaks on the hottest part of the grill and then stand ready with the tongs.
  • 6At this point, you are on flare-up watch. The fat dripping off of those beautiful steaks is bound to create a flare-up. When a flare-up occurs, simply use your tongs to slide the steaks away from the open flame until the flame dies down and then move then back over the heat.
  • 7Continue to grill with the lid open for about 4 – 6 minutes.
  • 8Flip the steaks over onto the other side, still over the hottest part of the grill.
  • 9Grill the steaks for an additional 4 – 6 minutes on the other side, lid open, for a medium-rare delicious steak. Cook longer for well done.
  • 10Remove the steaks from the grill and allow to rest on a plate for 5 minutes before serving. The resting period is important so that the juices don’t run out when you cut into the rib-eye, so be patient. Enjoy!

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About Lisa's Grilled Steaks

Course/Dish: Beef, Steaks and Chops
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American