Eve Sison


Gisinggising is a Filipino word that means "wake up, wake up". The original recipe calls for more chili that keeps one awake but my version carries only a mild chili flavor preferred by my family. Other recipes use Baguio beans but my friends who have tasted the dish prefer water spinach (kangkong) stalks and sigarillas cuts.

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15 Min
20 Min


1 medium
onion, sliced into small pieces
1/4 kg
shrimps, shells removed and cut into small pieces
1 bunch
winged beans (sigarillas), sliced diagonally, 1/2 inch long
1 bunch
string beans, cut 1/2 inch long
1 bunch
water spinach or cabbage (kangkong), stalks separated from leaves, cut into small pieces
1 c
coconut milk, unsweetened
1 medium
chili pepper
salt and pepper


1Saute onion and shrimps using very little oil. Simmer for 2 minutes.
2Add the winged beans (sigarillas), salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for another minute.
3Add string beans, green chili pepper (siling haba) and coconut milk. Simmer for another minute.
4Add water spinach or cabbage stalks. Allow the coconut milk to thicken.
5Add the water spinach or cabbage leaves and cook for a few more minutes or until all the other vegetables are tender.
6Serve with rice.