Localy Famous Southern Sweet Tea

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By A G
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This recipe has been in my family for many generations and was even used at a localy famous restaurant that a family member owned. It has been changed several times to accomadate for new brands of tea and such.

cook time 10 Min


  •   3
    family size luzianne tea bags
  •   1 c
    pinch of baking soda

How To Make

  • 1
    Bring a large non-coated pot of water and tea bags to a boil. (paper tags should be reoved prior to putting in water) Allow to boil for a minute or two and remove from heat. Remove tea bags using a metal spoon.
  • 2
    Transfer into a thick 1 gallon pitcher. (contents are hot so yes it will melt some containers) Add sugar and baking soda and stir. (Baking soda is to remove sour taste and keep it fresh. Only use a tiny amount, too much will alter the taste of the tea. Finish filling gallon pitcher with cold water and refrigerate. Can also be served immediately over ice but most people prefer this recipe cold.

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