Iced Chai

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By Vicki Butts (lazyme)
from Grapeview, WA

Chai is the Hindu word for tea. The recipe was a royal secret in the ancient courts of India and Siam, and legend says that chai was invented by a king. The offering of a beverage to guests in one’s home is mandatory etiquette in the region. Chai, with its creamy texture and flavor, is the number one choice in India. This recipe is a simple version, but tasteful and true in spirit to a spiced chai you might find in Southwest Asia. And it’s a lot cheaper than that found in most coffee bars.

serves 4
prep time 10 Min
cook time 10 Min
method Stove Top


  •   2 c
  •   1/4 c
    daarjeeling tea leaves, or ceylon, or 5 regular-size tea bags
  •   1 c
  •   1 c
    half and half (low fat is okay)
  •   1/4 tsp
    ground cardamom
  •   3
    cloves, crushed
  •   2
    black peppercorns, crushed
  •   1/8 tsp
    ground cinnamon
  •   1/8 tsp
    ground ginger
  •   1/4 c
    sweetened condensed milk

How To Make

  • 1
    In a medium-size saucepan, bring the water to a gentle boil.
  • 2
    Stir the tea leaves into the water. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • 3
    Add the milk, half-and-half, cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, and ginger.
  • 4
    Increase the heat and bring to a full boil, being careful not to let the milk boil over.
  • 5
    Remove from the heat and strain through a fine-mesh strainer into a heatproof container.
  • 6
    Stir in the condensed milk.
  • 7
    Let cool, then chill and serve over ice.
  • 8
    Note: To crush the peppercorns and cloves, use the edge of a sauté pan. For even fresher, bolder flavors, use whole cardamom seeds ground in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. For a variation, try adding 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract with the condensed milk.