Creamy Coffeehouse-Style Hazelnut Latte

Monica H


....but without the coffeehouse doo-dads and expensive prices! No espresso machine needed for this cup of love. Using accessible ingredients, this mug of hot brew tastes exactly like a $5 hazelnut latte.

Don't substitute ingredients except maybe less sugar, if you'd like, DON'T use any other milk other than the half and half, nad DON'T use any regular flavoring... the richness of the hald and half and the intensity of the Toasted Hazelnut is what makes this taste as rich as a fancy coffeehouse brew!

★★★★★ 2 votes
1 - a bunch
5 Min


15 oz
water (use a large 18 oz coffee mug)
1 Tbsp
instant coffee, quality kind like nescafe clasico or nescafe taster's choice
1 Tbsp
1 heaping Tbsp
general foods international toasted hazelnut
1/4 c
half and half


grated or shaved chocolate
finely chopped reeses peanut butter cups
crushed candy cane
stick in a cinnamon stick to use as a stirrer
toasted coconut flakes


1Boil water.
2Add coffee, sugar and hazelnut to empty mug. Fill halfway with boiling water. Stir VERY VIGOROUSLY until foamy.
3Add rest of water and add half and half.
4Enjoy your "expensive" latte!

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