Marta’s Homemade Pomegranate Liquor

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By Marta Hudson
from Naperville, IL

Keep pomegranate liquor chilled or in the freezer and serve in frozen shot glasses or as part of a cosmo recipe. My friends "expect" me to bring these liquors to our parties and enjoy it with them. Try this recipe with half and half chilled prosecco and call them "Poinsettia Mimosa" Cheers!


  •   1 l
  •   4 large
  •   4 c
    concentrated pomegranate juice
  •   3 c
  •   3 c

How To Make

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    Cut skin of pomegranate and break off the seeds(avoiding the white pith) and set aside in a large (gallon) glass jar with a thigh cover. Combine seeds, and juice with vodka into one gallon glass jar, put on lid tight. Place in dark cool room for 30 days.
  • 2
    After 30 days, make simple syrup by boiling the water with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Boil an additional minute and let it cool. Uncover the jar with pomegranate and vodka and stir with wooden spoon. Add a little simple syrup at a time, tasting until you think it’s sweet enough. Half a cup maybe enough.
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    After 2 weeks, prepare bottles were you will store the liquor. Strain pomegranates and use a funnel to pour into the bottles. Most important, put aside a couple of drops to toast a cheer with a friend.
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    Pomegranate makes great cocktails and you can add more sugar later.
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    To make Orange liquor (Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec) substitute pomegranate with orange zest (about 10. Try using cognac instead of vodka. Yummmm! See photo.

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