Ice Crafted Bottle Chiller

Lynnda Cloutier


For a crystal clear chiller, start with water that has been boiled and cooled to room temperature before pouring into the container. To save time, make this bottle chiller a few days before your party. You can add varieties of herbs, which make a wonderful addition to the ice chillier.Source: unknown

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for the berry chiller:
fresh mint leaves
strawberries, halved
raspberries, orange slices, lemon sliced
papya wedges, lime slices, kiwi slices, grapes
special aids:
1 empty and cleaned wine or soda bottle
1 carton, such as a milk carton, or plastic pitcher
rice or sugar


1Fill the empty bottle with rice or sugar to weigh it down. Put the bottle in the carton. Fill container around the bottle with mint leaves, strawberries, raspberries, orange slices, lemon slices, papaya, lime slices, kiwi slices and grapes.
2Fill container with water up to where bottle narrows, and freeze til solid, about 24 hours. Discard the rice or sugar from the bottle and fill with hot water. To separate bottle from container,rotate bottle to loosen and remove.
3Put the container under hot running water and dislodge the outer container, revealing the chiller. Immediately return the chiller to the freezer to set.
4When ready to use, remove chiller from freezer and put on a simple, clear plate. Insert a bottle of wine or punch into the chiller. When presenting the chiller on a buffet table, surround the top edge of the ice with an assortment of fresh fruits and mint sprigs.
5Make sure to choose a container large enough to allow at least 2 inches from it inside rim to the outside of bottle. Otherwise you might not be able to remove the bottle once frozen. Check spacing by placing bottle into container to measure. Filling bottles with rice or sugar instead of liquid prevents bottle from floating and cracking once liquid is added around the bottle. You can use a variety of flowers instead of fruits for this chiller, also.

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