Halloween 'Erupting' Drink

Stormy Stewart


Kid and Adult versions are included.
Use tall slender glasses.
You freeze a Mentos candy into an ice cube and place it in a carbonated drink. When the ice cube melts, the wax surrounding the candy will be exposed and the drink should erupt. You can make a rum and coke or whatever you like or just try the non-alcoholic version using Coke a Mentos ice cube

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5 Min


1 bottle
2 qt coke or diet coke
ice cubes froze with a mentos candy in each one
1 bottle
rum if for adults.( optional)


1Freeze a mentos candy in each ice cube.
2Make your drink with an ice cube and wait.

Note: I set out the ice cubes in the glasses a little early so they begin to melt. Add the coke at room temperature and the ice melts faster. And fill only half full it erupts remember.

About Halloween 'Erupting' Drink

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