Brandy Old Fashioned (Wisconsin)

Renée **II**


Order an Old Fashioned in Milwaukee and you might be in for a surprise. Out of staters will likely expect to receive rye whiskey or bourbon, but Wisconsin dictates the use of brandy instead. Local tastes run sweet, so you’ll find that brandy topped with sugar, bitters and Sprite, but you can always adjust your order by saying “sweet, sour or press,” which tells the bartender your preference.

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No-Cook or Other


2 oz. brandy
3 dashes bitters
1 sugar cube
1 tsp. water
splash of club soda
2 orange slices
maraschino cherry, garnish


1Place 1 tsp. water and a sugar cube in cocktail shaker and dissolve.
2Add one orange slice and muddle well.
3Add enough ice to fill the shaker half way, then add brandy and bitters; shake well.
4Strain into chilled glass and add the splash of club soda. Drop in other orange slice and the cherry. Serve.
5Note: Keep cocktail glasses in the freezer to have chilled as you require.

About Brandy Old Fashioned (Wisconsin)

Course/Dish: Cocktails
Main Ingredient: Alcohol
Regional Style: American