Homemade Pear Pie

Shanna Hood


Hey everyone, Just gonna share with you alittle bit of how I came to make this pie. One day I was canning some fresh pear preserves an after I run out of jars I still had some of the perserves left over so I thought to myself hmmm what could I make with these left over pears? I then had a idea to try making a pie out of the pears! That night after dinner I served this pie to my husband,his kids an a friend of ours an they all told me it was insanely good an like no pie they had ever tasted before.
I hope you all enjoy this recipe!

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15 Min
30 Min


4 c
fresh homemade pear preserves.
3 c
self rising flour
1 1/2 stick
butter, softened
1/2 c
1 tsp
1 c
warm water


1Preheat oven to 350*

In a large bowl add your flour,butter,shortening, salt,then slowly add the warm water. Mix your ingredients together until your dough comes together.
2Turn out the dough onto a large floured cutting bord then roll out the dough (you can roll out the dough as thick or thin as you like. Then place dough into a greased pie pan.
3Add your pear preserves into the unbaked pie crust then roll out some of the extra dough to make the criss/crossed crust. Just to add something extra to the pear pie I rolled out the remaining dough an cut out a design of 2 pears an placed them in the center of the pie, then brushed over the crust with egg wash.
4Bake pie for 25-30 mins until crust is golden brown then serve pie while hot with a big scoop of old fashion vanilla ice cream.
Just know this... It's sinful!

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