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types of apples

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Ingredients For types of apples

  • apples - listed sweetest first

How To Make types of apples

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    Fuji - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking Gotta sweet tooth? You’ll love Fuji Apples. Nicely crisp, fine-flesh textured, impressively juicy, aromatic - those are all great eating characteristics for an Apple, but it’s the sweetness that sets Fuji’s apart. Fuji Apples are not only awesome for snacking, they add texture to salads, complement cheeses, pair well Asian flavors in cooking, and if you’re into juicing - Fuji’s can bolster sweetness in just about any blend.
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    Sonya - eat fresh, use in baking Straight up sweet and mild like a Gala, but a refined texture that is crispy and pleasant
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    Gala - eat fresh, use in cooking Good ones are crisp, juicy, sweet and mild – a nice snack or good for salads! The lousy ones are mushy. The fruit should be cold. Avoid Gala Apples with wrinkled skin. This often shows up first around the stem area. Always store your Galas in the fridge until a few hours before eating them for better texture and crispness, and be sure to use them within a week of purchase.
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    Jonagold - use in baking and cooking The skin of the Jonagold apple has an under blush which varies in color from greenish yellow to rosy orange depending on the strain and the temperature the apples are grown in. The skin is also covered with red spotting and vertical striping. Large in size its flesh is crisp, juicy and creamy yellow in color. The Jonagold apple has a balanced blend of both its parents’ flavors offering the sweet-tart taste found in the Jonathan and the aromatic honey like scent of the Golden Delicious.
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    Cameo - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking If you love the sweetness of Red Delicious Apples, but hate the tough skin and the often mushy flesh – you’ll love Cameo Apples. They can be recognized by their dark red skin with yellow streaks. The Cameo Apple variety is firm and crunchy with tender skin, sweet and flavorful.
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    Golden Delicious - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking Golden Delicious apples are pale green to golden yellow in color and speckled with small lenticels (spots). The flavor of these firm, crisp, white-fleshed apples vary: grown in a cool climate, the amount of acid in this apple increases, creating a sweeter flavor. In warmer growing areas, acid content is lower, creating a milder flavor.
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    Red Delicious - eat fresh, use in baking The thick skin of the Red Delicious apple is bright to deep red in color, oftentimes speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Its creamy white flesh is slightly crisp and dense offering a mildly sweet flavor and slightly flora aroma.
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    Honey Crisp - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking Honeycrisp apples have a yellow background covered with a red to pink blush and speckled with small lenticels. Their creamy white flesh is exceptionally crisp and aromatic. A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending upon the maturity of the apple.
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    Rome - use in baking and cooking Thick skin, firm flesh that holds its shape, slightly tart – ideal to combine with sweeter and softer varieties
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    Braeburn - eat fresh, use in cooking A bi-colored variety, the thin yellow skin of the Braeburn apple is covered with a red to orange blush and highlighted with red stripes. The stripes and blush vary in hue dependent upon the apples maturity and the climate in which it ripened. Its crisp flesh is creamy yellow and juicy, offering a classic apple taste. The Braeburn apple’s flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and just slightly tart with subtle hints of pear and cinnamon.
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    Pink Lady - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking Skin is colored with buttery cream and pinkish-red hues. The crisp flesh tastes like marshmallows and honey, is low-acid and has a fine grain texture.
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    Granny Smith - eat fresh, use in baking and cooking Green skinned, firm and one of the most tart tasting Apples you’ll find, the Granny Smith is fantastic paired with rich and savory ingredients in cooking like cheddar cheese, crab, ham and hard squashes. For baking, they add acidic balance to desserts and hold their shape. And of course, there are those who prefer tart Apples for snacking…they love Granny’s.